WEDNESDAY, 2/11/15

I woke up this morning. Wearing my favorite socks. They are not mine. I found them in my house. I […]

The Last Straw

That’s it. You’ve had enough chances. That’s the last straw… The joke above isn’t mine, but this man’s. [this is […]


This morning I walked out of Starbucks with my Caramel Brulee Latte, took a few steps in the freezing outside […]

This Girl is Too Happy

As of today, Friday December 1st, I have made a great accomplishment. I have tried 4 Holiday drinks [lattes] from […]

I Am a Psychic.

Oh Hello EggNog Lattee from Starbucks…only has 470 calories in it. That’s pretty good…NOT. Oh man. 470 calories for a […]

Life…and living it.

Hello Blog. Hello reader. How are you doing? I did not neglect writing in my blog due to purposeful intentions […]