TODAY 2/7/15

I began my day at a coffee shop on Staten Island, called Fab Cup.

I drank two cups of coffee. I usually only have one. But the cups seemed small. So I had two.  

I bought with me 6 of my notebooks. My goal was to go through them and pick out funny things I had previously written. But I ended up writing in just one notebook and not looking at the rest.


I left the coffee shop and drove around Staten Island using my thumb.

driving with thumb

I had to use the bathroom. So I went into the office supply megastore Staples. Thinking they might have a bathroom.

I walked around the store. I saw this cat-ripping-through-paper notebook.


I did not see a bathroom.

I walked to the hard drive section.

I locked eyes with a Staples employee.

“Can I help you?” he asked walking towards me, smiling.

“Um, do you have a customer bathroom,” I responded meekly.

He hesitated for a moment.

“No. I’m sorry, we do not,” He said. His tone was sympathetic.

If I had asked the question with more confidence, or if I had swag, I bet he would have let me use the employee bathroom.

“It’s ok,” I said. I kissed his forehead and walked to the front of the store.

I’m just kidding. I did not really kiss his forehead.

I left the megastore Staples and walked next door into the animal supply megastore PetSmart.

It felt weird going into PetSmart because I never go into PetSmart. I do not own an animal. No dog, no cat, no fish etc.

I scanned the store. I noticed a beautiful photo of Martha Stewart and her dog.


To my right, a “train your dog” class was happening. In an enclosed area that looked like a small, hockey rink sans ice. (This was the first time I’ve ever used the phrase “sans” before!)

I walked toward the class. A teacher was talking to a group of dog owners.

“Next we’re going to talk about walking fast and slow,” she was saying.
The 7 dog owners had their dogs in front of them. The dog types looked like it matched the owner’s personality. It was funny and cute. For example, a tiny lady dressed in black who looked prissy had a tiny cutezy dog that looked prissy. I feel like this is a generalization and may be an insult.

I heard a murmur of people talking and dogs barking in the back of the store. I walked towards the back.

I encountered a cat/dog adoption rally.


I stood observing for ten minutes. Cages of cats and dogs were excited to see people and were begging to be pet. There were many people petting and interacting with the animals.

I wanted one of the dogs or cats. I wished I could take one or all of them home. It is not the time in my life to make that kind of commitment right now. But I imagined how cool it would be if It was.

I walked to one dog and it kissed my hand. I stepped back and bumped into a man and the man accidentally elbowed me.

“I’m so sorry,” he said.

(I put the above sentence in bold so if people skim this post, the dramatic sentence will stand out and captures their attention.)IMG_9646

I slowly walked toward the front of the store. I saw a mother and daughter introduce their current dog to a dog they were going to adopt. (girl in purple sweatshirt is holding to be adopted dog)


In the front of the store I encountered cute birds.

I drove home. Cooked myself a veggie burger. Ate it on the go because I was in a rush and had to meet my Dad at his office.


veggie burger

After my Dad’s office, I took a walk on the South Beach boardwalk.IMG_9721

I watched a woman


swim in the 30 degree weather in a one piece bathing suit.

Two children and two men stood alongside cheering her on.


The sun started to set.

I walked back to my car.

shaquille o'neil

It was a great day.

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