I Am a Psychic.

Oh Hello EggNog Lattee from Starbucks…only has 470 calories in it. That’s pretty good…NOT.

Oh man. 470 calories for a drink. That’s a lot. I feel my calorie intake has been steadily increasing within the past few weeks- with the food that happens appears in the office [candy from halloween [shoutout dark chocolate milky ways], food left over from meetings], the ability to wear big sweaters to keep me warm, and the air being almost too cold for my lungs to run outside. Even though the last is not a good excuse, because I ran in the park this past Sunday. At first my lungs burned, but they warmed up after 7 minutes of jogging.

I was just sitting at my desk laughing because I saw my co-worker/friend/fellow human Kelsey and when I told her I had an “eggnog latte” she said, “what’s that?”. I repeated it and she said, “Ohh, I thought you said eggdog latte”. I was like, “I don’t want to know what would be, but it sounds disgusting.” I sat at my desk and laughed manically for twenty minutes.

I was walking to work, happened to look up, and spotted the New Years Ball that drops in Times Square every year. It kept changing colors. It was magical.

Speaking of magical, I am psychic. THREE TIMES I have guessed or said the names of THREE PEOPLE’S brothers. Here are the scenarios:

1 ONE. A college friend told me she had three brothers. I said, “Let me guess one of their names…” I paused…”Jason”. She was surprised,”Yes, that’s one of their names.”
2 TWO. I was volunteering with high school students, as I do twice a month, and we were joking about nicknames. For example if we said: “My name is Becky, but call me Sallly.” I made a joke about a kid: “My name is Nick, but call me Alonso.” I have NO IDEA why I said, “Alonso”, but after I did, Nick said, “That’s my brother’s name”. It was just such a random name to pick to begin with.
The third psychic brother vision happened today.
3 THREE. At the production company I work for, there is one intern named Dan and one intern Danny. Via email, I called Danny, Dan. He corrected me. I said, well at least I called you Dan and not…Peter. He said, “Peter is my brother’s name”.


I threw the burrito I was eating at him and walked out of the room. My psychic-brother-visions amaze me more than I could have imagined. I can’t promise I will always use my psychic vision for good.

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  1. Congrats on the psychic brother abilities! That is awesome. Mine happens to be on the next song to come on the radio. My husband and I will be in the car and I mention that I miss a song, it comes on next. It happens all the time!

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