Saturday with Matt

This past saturday, I visited my alma mater Fairfield University. It is located in Fairfield, Connecticut. I drove from Staten Island.

Here is a step by step encounter the day.

I straightened the ends of my hair at 10:30am. I did this in my sister’s bedroom. The room has two lamps and an illuminated ceiling fan. When all three are switched on, the room glistens. It hurts my eyes.

I ate a chocolate chip granola bar for breakfast, as if I were an apathetic zombie. 

I walked out of my house, pausing in the sunlight. I looked in the direction that I guess to be west.

I opened the car door by pulling it’s handle with my left hand. 

Dressed in a robe, my mother stood at the front door. She watched me leave. This is the most risque my blog has ever gotten. 

I drove down the street that I live on, passing our block’s lake. It looked pretty, but I think it would benefit from being Windexed.

To prevent an inconvenient automobile breakdown, I stopped to fill up the gas tank. I popped open the miniature door thing and stood aside the vehicle. 

Gripping the green rubber nozzle, I pumped gasoline into the car’s tank. I felt like a mother providing it’s child with nourishment. 

After I paid, I placed my debit card into the wallet’s proper slot. I am making a great effort to be more responsible with my personal belongings after I lost two wallets, my work blackberry, and my newly renewed license all in the past three weeks. These days, I carry my passport as a means of legal identification to get into bars. If I lose that, my mother said she would never speak to me again. I know that isn’t true because she is my mother and loves me. Who is she kidding?

I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a Medium Iced Coffee with milk. I gently kissed the plastic cup to convey love. Wow. My blog just got more risque than I thought it ever would.

I drove on Manhattan’s FDR. I passed the Brooklyn Bridge.

I volumetically blasted Florence and the Machine’s new song, Shake It Out. It is my favorite song on her new album Ceremonials. I recommend listening to it.

I saw a billboard for Breaking Dawn, the new Twilight movie. It made me remember that I want to see it. I read all four books two summers ago. Edward and Bella’s love is real.

Connecticut welcomed me. 

I arrived to Fairfield’s campus. 

I pulled into the parking lot. A man was stood with his arms crossed, smiling. He looked so friendly.

Upon closer look, I realized it was my friend Matt. He and I went to college together. He was a baby freshman the year I was a senior. Now he is a senior and I am a Production Assistant in the corporate television world.

The year I graduated, I told Matt the “by the time [he] was a senior, he would long forgotten about me.” I was obviously wrong.

Matt and I walked around campus. He acted as my tour guide and took me to the newly constructed dorm.

We looked around the new dorm’s lounge. A black remote sat on the pale wooden table.

We walked by the student mailboxes. I couldn’t remember my mailbox number. I had an emotional breakdown. 

Matt tried to make me feel better by taking me to another new dorm.

In this dorm’s lounge, we watched Scooby Doo. It was my favorite episode was on. The one where they all read from a book!

We walked down the building’s hallway. I inhaled the “new building” smell. I enjoyed it.

We visited the “Japanese Garden”, a secluded garden located just off the faculty parking lot.

Leaves reflected off Matt’s blue zipper-up hoodie. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my 23 years of life.

I noticed Matt was wearing corduroy pants.

I don’t like corduroy pants, so I tried to kick him in the water. I thought if his pants got wet, he’d have to change them. Unfortunately he had freakishly sturdy balance. I stubbed my toe.

I sat in the exact spot I was two years ago when I found out Michael Jackson died. This is true. I was at Fairfield filming an orientation music video. I was napping on the grass when I got a text that informed me Michael Jackson died.

We got into Matty’s car and headed to Archie Moores Restaurant in town.

I ate buffalo chicken nachos with sour cream. My favorite food.

We went to the beach where Matt scared a seagull that turned out to be my great-grandfather!

“Look, you’re grandfather,” Matt said to me. Grandfather always amuses Matt. 

Matt stepped onto a rock. 

He convinced me to take this picture…

…by laying on a rock.

Suddenly, out of the scruff, a sea monster emerged. I was so scared. I ran for my life.

We escaped the monster. I outstretched my left arm and took a picture of our shadows. 

I dropped Matt off at his apartment. We said goodbye.

I drove home, stopping at the Stamford Mall first. I brought a new hat. Day turned into night. Lights blinded my eyes.

I passed the Brooklyn Bridge once again.

The End.

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  1. I LOVE Florence + the Machine too!! Her new album is great and my favorite song is almost all of them but I think right now it’s the first one, “Only If for a Night”. But that will probably change because they’re all amazing. Another great album and great blog from you.

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