This morning I walked out of Starbucks with my Caramel Brulee Latte, took a few steps in the freezing outside air, opened up the drink’s lid and realized that everything in the world is going to be ok

What a relief.

3 Weeks ago, I left the mystery crime fiction novel [There’s No Place Like Home] at the nail salon while getting a pedicure. I was only a few chapters away from being finished and had just got to the main twist in the novel…The detectives had finally realized that Celia Nolan was really [get ready for this] Little Lizzie Borden! If you know what I’m talking about, you know this is a major turning point for the protagonist. My mother ran into the nail salon yesterday and got the book back [She made me run into Starbucks, in return she ran into the salon]. I almost finished it on the bus this morning. It felt awesome to read on the bus. Recently, I have been listening to my ipod instead. I really need to organize my ITUNES. Every other song on my SHUFFLE seems to be Billy Joel or one from the Annie Get Your Gun soundtrack. I don’t even like Billy Joel… and I am so over the Annie Get Your Gun soundtrack as of 2006.

It was extremely cold outside today. After being engrossed by my Mary Higgins Clark novel for the whole first half of the ride, I looked up and saw it was snow flurrying. How magical. That weather spell I did last night before bed worked. I am experimenting on how to bundle up properly so my walk from the bus to work will be bearable. Here is what I looked like today and some tips I have to keep warm:

Hat: Invented in 500 BC, the hat was first worn by an Egyptian slave boy, made from woolen sheep fur. Wear it atop your head…or atop your head, a hat can bring your physical coolness factor from a 5 degrees Fahrenheit to a 70 degrees Fahrenheit while bringing your mental coolness factor from a 4 to a 5 thousand and 4.
Sweater: This grey ten buttoned sweater buttons from my waist line to my nose line. It reduces my overall vision by 60% but I’d rather crash into a street vendor than have a frost bitten face.
Jacket: Made by Calvin Klein himself, this size 8 number is made with 60% Wool, 35% Polyester, and 5% Other Fibers, which is pretty suspicious. The lining is 100% Polyester. I had a great Aunt named Polly Ester. She passed away by freezing to death on the city streets 100 years before I was born.
Hands: I am wearing gloves on my hands. My hands are stuffed into the jacket’s pockets. A combination made in Heaven…during the winter. Don’t forget, this option is optional.
Pants: This option is not optional. Just wear some form of them.
Shoes: Invented in 500 BC, shoes were first worn by that same Egyptian slave boy, made from woolen sheep fur. Wear them on your feet…or on your feet, shoes can aid in the overall improvement of your life.

Things that would help include: a scarf, a longer coat, ankle warmers, fleece pants, if that man behind me was hired to shine a heating lamp on me directly as I walked…[that is a hint if you’re thinking of getting me a christmas/birthday present].

I took out my winter clothes this past weekend [my room was too messy to even show you], I came up with names for future snowmen [Buttons, Whitey, Garth, Salvador, Bethany], and drove around the island looking for Christmas lights with my parents after eating at Deninos, which has delicious pizza and wings. Here is one of the houses we saw:

The man who does these lights’ wife passed away on 9/11. click here for more info He donates the money he raises to Outpatient Children’s Cancer patients. It is a great cause and absolutely spectacular. My mom and I walked around the back of the house [it was open to the public] to discover more figurines of Christmas inspired scenes.

At Deninos we started with two orders of Buffalo Wings and Blue Cheese Dressing.

Then continued with an MOR pie. [Meatballs, Onions, and Ricotta]. It was the first time I ate it and WOW IT WAS GOOD. I added salt and blue cheese dressing.

This is making me hungry.

Have a good day.

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