This Girl is Too Happy

As of today, Friday December 1st, I have made a great accomplishment. I have tried 4 Holiday drinks [lattes] from Starbucks. These include: Pumpkin Spice, Peppermint Mocha, Eggnog, and now, Caramel Brulee.

I opened the lid to the caramel brulee latte and was pleasantly greeted by whipped cream and sprinkles of caramel. What a treat! I ate all the whipped cream off the top even before I walked into work, which is 200 feet away from the Starbucks. In the end, the caramel brulee drink was too sweet for me but is satisfyingly delicious and can be consumed once in a while. My favorite so far is eggnog. There it is…the answer to my favorite Starbucks Holiday Drink question. Peppermint Mocha is great too. It tastes like a york peppermint patty was melted and mixed with coffee just for me to enjoy.

I was talking to my learned co-worker this morning and we both agreed that Starbucks is just too expensive. A tall [small] latte is over 5 dollars after tax! That is ridiculous. Luckily I get a 10% discount with my work ID card, so the drink today was around $4.80. That still is too much for me to be spending every day. The expense problem would be mitigated slightly if there were a Dunkin Donuts located near work, but alas, there is not. The closest Dunkin Donuts is 5 blocks and 2 avenues away, which would make me late to work if I trekked there for a drink. My other dilemma is I am trying not to drink coffee in general because I am very sensitive to it, but I let that slide during the Holiday Drink season.

When I say “I am very sensitive to coffee”, I do not mean it makes me weep as if I were a mother elephant who just lost her son in the wilderness, I mean it in the way that I drink it for a week, and then when I don’t drink it the week later, I get painful headaches and want to sleep forever or fall off the face of the earth. That sounds dramatic.

Because my birthday is coming up this month, I received a “$10 dollar gift” from the store Delias. The ad the coupon came with freaked me out because the girl on the left looks way to exited.

Who the heck is so happy she would smile and scream with her mouth open that wide? What is she so exicted about? Is it because her friend got icing on her nose? Yeah it would be funny if I smeared icing on my friends nose, but I would merely laugh, not scream silently as if I thought it were the funniest thing I had ever seen– so funny in fact, that it caused me to make that face. That’s all kinds of crazy.

I’ve been seeing a thread on Facebook [the social media network that occupies too big part of my life] that asks “WHAT WOULD YOU GO BACK AND TELL YOUR 16 YEAR OLD SELF?” I enjoy looking at the responses of other people and think I might apply some to my own life now. Here are responses I like:

– Save 50% of whatever you earn or are given.
– Trust your instincts! You know you, if you aren’t comfortable in a situation, don’t put yourself in that situation.
– Stop worrying about what people think. They don’t matter.
– Don’t ever give up on something worth fighting for…
– Don’t take yourself so seriously- you don’t have to get everything right the 1st time.
– Stop comparing yourself to other people.

What would you tell your 16 year old self?

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