3 Awesome Videos

I have some videos I want to share with you, my beloved blog reader. Wherever you are, and whoever you […]

Hula Hoop Video.

I keep finding myself watching this video. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKaFX_mQBhU&p=380312842E82B888&index=40&feature=BF] After watching it dozens of times, I just realized it shows the […]

Music Makes Me Cry.

There are times on certain mornings…when I am dressed and ready for work, or sitting on the bus reading, or […]

Mundane Monday’s

This morning I felt like a newborn baby–I was asleep, cuddling my pillow that was warmed from my body’s sleepy […]


Foggy, humid days are the best for my hair. I was alone at work when I took this picture. When […]