Foggy, humid days are the best for my hair.

I was alone at work when I took this picture. When the picture was developed I saw a ghost man in the background, looking as if he were in agony. I hope you find peace, sir.

While laying in bed listening to torrential downpour this morning, I thought, this would be great foley sound to record then used in a film. My video camera is broken and I wouldn’t have recorded the rain anyway due to lack of energy. I slept only a couple of hours last night because it was so muggy. I had the windows open and the fan on- but the breeze makes my legs hurt. I have very particular sleeping habits.

I hopped on the express bus, dipped in my metro card, then walked onto the aisle. I dropped my metro card on the floor. I smiled anticipating a funny situation because the bus was filled with people, some staring at me. I bent over and as I reached for the metro card, my purse weighed me down to one side and I lost my balance. I leaned into the rows of seats to my right and I smiled. I looked up and made eye contact with a woman who smiled and said “Oh no”. I swiped up the card, hopped upright, and found a seat towards the back of the bus. I almost fell asleep towards the end of the ride.

I am working on a list of songs I want to download. They include:

Bishop Allen- Dimmer
The Flying Tourbillon Orchstra- The Uniform, Strings
White Rabbit- Percussion Drum
Matt Kearney- Fire & Rain, Here We Go
Fleet Foxes- White Winter Hymnal
Coconut Records- West Coast, Microphone
Fanfarlo- These Walls are Coming Down
Miike Snow- Sans Soleil
White Stripes- It’s Over For Me, Forever For Her
Rachael Yamagata- Duet
Lykke Li- Possibility, Tonight
The Unbeliever- Middle Distance Runner
Florence & The Machines- A Kiss with A Fist if Better Than None
Violent Femmes- Blister in the Sun

That seems to be it for the moment. Peace Outtt.

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