Hula Hoop Video.

I keep finding myself watching this video.


After watching it dozens of times, I just realized it shows the hula-hoopist messing up in the end and the hula hoop rolling down the hill. It is also fascinating how the editor changed the coloring and feel of the actual video, compared to the ending when it is raw footage. The neon green hoop stands out because of how it contrasts with the black and white theme. I used to be great at hula hooping and actually won a contest in a parade in Disney World years ago. I wonder where my life would have taken me if I followed that path? Stardom, perhaps. Or perhaps to achy muscles from all the hula-hooping I would have done. Very cool.

I also found this video today, as I was looking up improv classes, that made me laugh.


Hate when that happens.

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