3 Awesome Videos

I have some videos I want to share with you, my beloved blog reader. Wherever you are, and whoever you are, I hope you know how awesome it is to be alive and are having a good day. This message is even directed to all my arch-enemies out there, because I am just that nice. [and I am filled with ulterior motives] [and I had to “google” how to spell ulterior motives]

I saw this first video a while ago, wanted to rediscover it, then found it last night on my friend Jen’s blog. This is an inspirational song for the New Year. I also want to be friends with these people. [especially the random fuzzy dog that appears]


The next video was sent to me via a Facebook message from my cousin Mary Kate. This is an acoustic cover from a song that I loveĀ “Home” by Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros performed by a man and daughter. It’s so cute. [kind of like a baby elephant wearing a bonnet]


The last video was ironically [and suspiciously] sent to me through a Facebook message from my sister, Emily. It is a video from the Jimmy Kimmel show where Josh Grobin sings Kanye West’s tweets.


The end.

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