Eat, Pray, Love, Have a Nightmare

I walked by a man sitting on a bench today and he kept saying to me, “Hey B*tch…Hey B*tch…Hey B*tch”. I stopped, turned to him and said, “Are you talking to me”. He said, “Yeah B*tch”.

“Ok”, I said. “Just wondering.”

I slept very soundly last night and only woke up once at 7AM, falling back to sleep at 8AM.

I look like an angel. I felt awesome about sleeping until 7AM, considering I usually get up 2 to 3 times a night [to use the bathroom, or check to see what time it is, or braid my sleeping mother’s hair] I felt really awake at 7AM and thought about going for a run, but instead fell back into a deep, deep slumber, encountering a nightmare.

Bridget and I were commuting to the city on the Express bus and the driver began to take us on an unfamiliar route. I looked out the window and it appeared we were driving through a country in the Middle East. I saw a woman open the side of the bus [where luggage usually goes] and throw in a capsule looking thing which I concluded was a bomb.

Next thing I know we were captured, sitting around a conference room/lunch table with all people we knew [including Kristen, Emily, etc.] in a many-floored building. Our captors were pacing around and I was trying to devise a plan of escape. I managed to get alone in an elevator bank, pressed the “down” button, but it never came. The woman captor was trying to open the door and every time she put the key into the handle, I would click in the handle’s button, locking it. She slipped her hand holding a syringe under the door and gave me a shot in my foot. I immediately felt woozy and found myself sitting back at the conference table mentally out of it.

I looked up and saw Bridget slipping out of a stairwell, entering back into the room, wearing a bright blue Mets shirt. I was impressed that she did it so quietly. Smart girl. Fellow capturers were walking up stairs and at one point we saw escalators. I jumped on the escalator and saw other civilians walking around, going about their day. To go faster, I stood on the handle of the escalator, looking behind me as the captors were edging closer to me.

Every time I came in contact with a person, I tried to whisper to them, “there are terrorists on the ** floor.” People didn’t seem to be understanding me. I made it to a computer lab on the top floor. There was a boy and girl couple on two of the computers and I tried to explain to them what was going on. Dramatically, I think the boy understood what I was saying. I asked the girl if I could wear her red hat, hoping to hide my identity. The moment I put the hat on, I heard my male captor go, “Check everyone with hats first, she probably put on a hat.” I threw the hat on the desk.

I told the boy at the computer that I needed to go on Facebook… and all I was trying to do was change my status to “Help…I am kidnapped by terrorists.” The site wouldn’t let me log in and then the keys weren’t working and I only got to type in half the statement when my captors made their way to me.

I woke up to the sound of my phone’s alarm at 7:57AM. I was way more tired than usual but relieved that it only takes me about ten minutes to get ready in the morning [if I shower the night before]. The dream made me a little uneasy- especially because a half hour later I would be getting on the Express bus and commuting to the city. But alas, it was just a dream.

On a side note- It took four people in my office to figure out what the name was for someone who captures you. I thought they were called a “capturerer”. That didn’t sound right. Rebecca figured it was a captor.

Considering I had this nightmare at 7:30AM, should it be called a daymare?

I saw the movie Eat, Pray, Love last evening at 8:25pm. Noel picked me up and we ventured to the Atrium. The movie focused on Liz [Julia Roberts] traveling to Italy to Eat, India to Pray, then to Bali to play tennis. Just kidding. She went to Bali to Love.┬áThe movie ignited a spark inside me to drop everything and travel and be free, and go with the one I love. Leaving the movie I got slapped with the cold hand of something I like to call “reality”.

Here is Noel, Myself, and Katt portraying the title of the movie. Then below is Noel and I posing like we used to do in high school and afterwards too.

The scenery of Italy felt nostalgic and reminded me of my months when I studied abroad in Prague, Czech Republic. The movie inspires me to be aware of not letting myself fall into a routine of life that isn’t a high percentage of fulfilling, to live in the moment, and for my future self to forgive myself for things that I’ve done wrong. Not that I haven’t done anything wrong in my life yet, but there isn’t a big thing I did, like Liz who left her husband.

Excuse me if I am divulging too much into the movie and spoiling it. I did not give away too many details of the movie, just the plot line, which is pretty obvious from the title. It’s not like I told you the plot twist of everyone dying in a freak concrete accident where Julia Roberts gets accidentally made into a concrete statue. Sorry to ruin that part for you.

The only problem with seeing the movie was being confined to movie theater seats after sitting for up to 8 hours a day at work. Then sitting for a 2 and a half hour movie. I also kept yawning. I hear that’s what humans do when they get tired. Actually when I used to take singing lessons [yes, I took them for a year when I thought I was going places] my awesome singing teacher, John, told me I yawned during the lesson because I needed more air in my lungs. That’s what yawning is- your body needing more air.

It was nice to see three of my high school friends. I can’t wait to the sequel of the movie comes out- Eat, Pray, Win the US Open.

I know my creative writing teacher said to not use cliche’s while writing- but Let’s take a trip down Memory Lane…shall we. For those of you who don’t know, Memory Lane is located between the cross streets of Amsterdam and Nostalgia Ave. Here are some pictures from my friends and I through the years.

Ahh the memories.

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