Hair Help!

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. At the moment I have dirty blonde hair that has not been highlighted or colored in about a year. I used to get blonde highlights but decided to stop because I did not want to keep up with the up keep. [Is that a redundant statement?] I think my hair is actually more brown now.

My hair used to be so curly. This is from Spring 2007.

Two years later, my hair seemed to obtain longer curls.

This is how it looks, natural, today.

I got a haircut about three months ago and when the hairdresser started to blow dry my hair she asked me if I straightened it a lot. I told her, “Not really”. She asked because I had so many broken pieces of hair, especially in the front, that made it look almost like I had bangs. We concluded it was a result of pulling back my hair tightly and using small pony tails [like the one pictured below]. My mother thinks it’s because I twist and pull at my hair a lot. [Which I do do when I’m bored etc.]

It’s funny how I call them “pony tails” because the pony tail technically refers to the hair that is held within the hair tie, as if it were a pony’s tail.

I am effortly trying to take better care of my hair by

1. Using better conditioners/leaving extra conditioner in my hair to keep it nourished

2. Substituting little claw clips for hair ties.

3. Not touching my hair or twisting it at all.

4. Wearing it down, natural more often.

5. Not using a flat iron yet, after getting a haircut.

With all these steps combined I am for sure going to grown a new, thick, head of hair within four years! I can’t wait! But really, I think the little steps that I am taking will aid in the health of my hair.

Does anyone have any other tips towards obtaining healthier hair? If so, let me know and I will pay you 7 million dollars, give or take 6 million and 99 dollars.

I took these two pictures today as I was walking to the subway from the bus.


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  1. hiii!

    Sooo, a great hair secret is olive oil! put olive oil in your hair (especially the ends) and then put all your hair inside something plastic, you could use a shower cap or a cvs bag, even. Make sure the CVS bag is not over your face, as well. That’s what happened to Morty when I tried to help him fix his hair. Then wrap your hair in a towel an chill for about 25 minutes. Then wash it out!

    Also, chamomile tea is awesome for your hair. Put don’t put it in your hair while it is boiling hot…

    I’ve also heard, mayonaisse and beer.

    Make sure you read the above directions correctly otherwise you will have a burnt scalp and hair that’s scent attracts bears.


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