Everything Works Out – working in TV production

I’ve been thinking

Everything works out.

The work project you’re anxious about.

The thing you’re afraid to say.

The text you’re nervous to send.

Your family member’s  problem.

Your feelings.

Your loneliness.

In the end, it all works out.

Feelings are temporary.

I’ve learned from working in TV production at a daily show, that everything works out.

I get assigned a project. How’s this gonna be pulled off? How am I gonna write the thing? How is a whole crew gonna make this idea happen? There is so much unknown.

No matter what happens leading up to the show, at the end of the night, the thing is on the showThe thing happens.

Every night.

Every night, the thing happens. No matter what.

The segment airs and it’s created.

Or it gets cut. And that’s ok too.

As long as you try your best, as long as you know you gave it your all. That’s all that matters.

Time is gonna pass. The thing will happen and it will not only be OK, but it will be great.

Of course there are situations harder than others. And maybe you don’t think it works out, but you can learn from the experience.

If I know every project I work on will work out, no matter what, why worry at all?

I think worrying can be a way of focusing. Of pushing yourself to get it done.

But think about the end result that it’s gonna happen no matter what – as you’re preparing for the thing. It might help you worry a little less.

If something you wanted to happen, doesn’t happen – maybe it’s not meant for you yet. Trust the Universe gives you what you need.

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