The “Block” In Your Life

The other day in yoga class I was doing Runner’s Lunge with my torso  over my front knee – right hand on a block on the ground and left hand reaching toward the sky. I put the yoga block under my right hand to help get into position.

The teacher walked over, adjusted my body, put my right hand on the floor, and removed the block.

“Now you don’t need the block,” she said.

I was able to do the position, without the block.

I had reached for the block as soon as I felt uncomfortable, to make the position easier.

Instead of adjusting my body and pushing myself, I did the easier thing and reached for the block.

I did not need the block and the position without the block wasn’t even that hard. 

And didn’t know that I did not need the block.

With an adjustment, I did the position block-free.

Made me think, what in my life am I using a “block” for, when all I really need is an adjustment?
What am I doing just because it’s “easier”? When the “easier” thing doesn’t push you forward?

I jogged this morning. Usually I’ll jog slowly or will stop and walk during.

Today, I thought of what my “block” with running is – the thing that makes it easier to cope. As I ran, I thought of a teacher pushing me to keep going every moment. And I did. I had a nice paced jog and I jogged for 35 minutes without stopping. I didn’t use a “block” of walking or slowing down. Because I didn’t really need to walk or slow down.

Other things that could be your “Block”:
– checking Instagram throughout your day (it’s comforting and helps you get through the day. do you really need it?)
– closing yourself off from people (easier to hide. scarier to be who you are, as you are/do what you want. maybe it’s better to do whatever you want without considering others.)
– not wanting to do something when you actually want to do it
(the “block”/”comforting idea” of not wanting to go on a date, just staying home, when you want to be dating/in a relationship. will you feel satisfied with yourself at the end of the night if you don’t go out and connect with people?)
– snacking (do you grab for the bowl of cereal to comfort you, when you can push yourself through stress without it?)

What is your “block”? The thing you use to comfort yourself throughout the day that you maybe don’t really need.

How can you push yourself today and be your own teacher – motivating you to keep going?

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