i found rain boots i liked on urbanoutfitters.com

black. simple design. water proof. (who would want a non-waterproof rain boot?)

i am shoe size 9.5

there is no 9.5 option.

i’ve tried 9 or 10 shoes on multiple times and 9 is too small, 10, too big.

9.5 shoe

i wish there was a 9.5 option because i need rain boots.

i walked around brooklyn last weekend on a rainy day in converse sneakers.

my socks, damp for hours.

i went in the store “free people” and brought dry socks. (why would store sell wet socks?)

purchased them to have option to put on if desired.

i ended up stopping in for an hour massage at a brooklyn spa.

the warm massage room dried the wet socks.

it was an amazing massage because i was cold and tired.

(me, post-massage)

post massage
things are better when you really want them.

oatmeal tastes better when you are hungry.

a warm massage feels better when you are tired and cold.

laying in bed feels better after you’ve socialized for hours.

this is true for me. is it true for you?

one day i will have rain boots.

when the universe is ready.


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