SUNDAY, 2/15/15

Woke up.

Put on snow boots.


Cleaned snow off car.


Took $40 and mini hot dog out of ATM.


Drove over Bayonne Bridge.


Drove to Jersey City.

Walked to friend’s apartment.


Got to my friend Kristen’s apartment.

Kristen moved in a few months ago. She loves showing me her new furniture.

Here, she demonstrates the functions of her versatile coffee table.

cool coffee table

I went into Kristen’s bedroom.

Looked through her drawers.

I know it’s a fup paw to look through someone’s drawers.

But I was curious to see what she had in the drawers.

In this one, she had jewelry.

And a mini hot dog too.

jewelry draw

We left the apartment.

Walked outside.

Freezed our butts off.

freezing jersey city

Went to brunch for Kristen’s birthday at a Mexican Jersey City restaurant called Orale.

Here is Kristen smiling in front of exposed brick. #eyes #teeth #smile #exposed #brick

kristen smiling

Kristen is my best friend.

We met 25 years ago in dance school.

Here is us in dance school. In 1990.

Me wearing a hot pink/black number. Kristen wearing a 101 Dalmatians sweat suit number.

dancing school

Another photo of us now and then.

now and then

At 6:30pm, after brunch and another bar, Kristen, Stephanie and I went to a church where Kristen’s mother was in choir practice. Kristen wanted to say hi to her mother. But we couldn’t get her mother’s attention. 

I watched Kristen


watch her mother


through a hole in the door.

church choir

We left without getting her mother’s attention.

Got back to Kristen’s apartment.

Kristen sang the “GAGA GOO GOO I’M A BABY” song.

Untitled-9 copy

Kristen made me demonstrate the versatile coffee table.

versatile coffee table

“Lay on the couch and pretend you’re sleeping,” she told me.

She wanted to show me how comfortable the couch was.

couch sleeping

“No open your eyes and smile,” she directed.

smile couch

I left Kristen’s apartment.

Drove to The Peoples Improv Theater on E24th street in Manhattan.

Saw the 8PM show, People Improvising.

improv comedy nycimprov comedy nyc

Then performed in a 9:30PM show called Act One.

In a monoscene with my friends Nate Foster and Tom Lisi.

We make up the sketch comedy team, Horse Hoof. Giddy up!

comedy friends

After the show I drove home.

Crossing the Verrazzano Bridge.

verrazzano bridge

The End. Goodbye.


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