SATURDAY, 2/14/15

I started my day on the Dunkin Donuts drive through line.

dunkin donuts

Got a medium iced coffee. And a veggie eggwhite flatbread sandwich.

I drove a couple blocks.

And sat in front of my Aunt’s old house eating the sandwich.


My Aunt sold the house a few month ago.

Had a bunch of cousin sleepovers and Christmas Eves in that house.

I drove to Grace Court, the street my Mother grew up on.

Drove past her old house.


Drove to the Staten Island ferry.

Passed a Con Ed truck and thought of my friend, Marie.

Because she works for Con Ed.


Drove past my old dog’s vet.


Thought of my old dog, Christy.



Got fresh air at the Alice Austen house.


Waved to two dogs.



Drove home.

Got an email from someone named zoulikhahanine.



Looked through an old memory box.

Found some things.

A letter I wrote to my second grade teacher, Sister Cervi. A nun.

I portrayed her, my principal Sister Sharon and myself as dinosaurs.



Dear Sr. Cervi,
I will miss you on summer v        . Will you miss me?
I hope you are not lonely.
This summer my family and I will be going on a curse (cruise).
I made these flower’s with Sophia T.

A list of Dares my sister and friend Kristen challenged each other to do.


A journal entry from when I was 13.


A Rainforest Cafe napkin.

So glad I saved that.


Letters to Santa.

In which my sister and I insisted he sign his name.

IMG_1215 Untitled-39 IMG_1212

Santa food instructions. 


An interesting story my sister wrote about a chick that couldn’t hatch.

chick that couldn't hatch

A photo of my sister and I holding a big ball of snow during the blizzard of ’96.


And this photo from my sister’s dancing school class.

My sister is in the front row all the way to the right.



Had dinner with my parents.

We ordered food from the Staten Island restaurant called Trattoria Romana.

“Is there meat in this pasta?” I thought as I was eating it.

There was meat in the pasta.

I am a vegetaran.

I didn’t eat any more of the pasta.

What a great day.







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