You sleep 22 years of your life [FUN FACTS!]

My body is rejecting me. It gave me its phone number and when I called it was the rejection hotline. I am mortified. Mortification is the greatest form of embarrassment.

Today I’ve experienced foot pain, heartburn, and a stomachache. Gosh, I sound like a hypochondriac. Well, I wouldn’t say I sounded like a hypochondriac because I am not saying these words out loud…but I read as a hypochondriac. Despite these ailments, my day is going well. I am alive, and happy, and healthy so that’s always a plus.

Today I came across a website that informed me the average person [who lives to age 74.1] sleeps 194,821 hours of there 649,401 hours of life. This equals to 22.2 years. The average person sleeps 22 years of their life! If there were an option to get all your sleep over with in the beginning of your life- I would just be waking up. [Because I am 23 years old].

Upon this discovery I was inspired to look up more Fun Facts. Here is what I discovered.

1. Sit at a red light for 2 weeks of your life.
2. Send over 300,000,000 emails
3. Eat 93 sticks of butter
4. Spend 700$ on bubble gum
5.  Eat one wooden chair [via dust in the air]
6. Unzip 3 miles of zipper [coats, pockets, pencil cases]
7. Eat up to 17 plastic forks
8. Watch 4.7 movies starring Drew Barrymore
9. Spend one day sneezing
10. Write ten novels worth of words
11.  Walk from New York to Arizona by hopping on one foot.

Other fun facts I’ve discovered:
1. Frowning uses more muscles in the face than running a mini-marathon.
2. Humans are the only animals that can blush, sleep on their back and text.
3. Human thighbones are stronger than a three story concrete building.
4.  It is healthier to drink urine than cocoa cola.
5. Men use the word “dentist” four times more than women.
6. Laptops are smarter than people with the IQ of 120.
7. Kids who take IQ tests will be smarter than their peers who have never taken an IQ test when they enter their first year of high school.
8. IQ tests are made up by robots.
9.  People who rap made-up lyrics once a day are more emotionally stable than those who don’t
10. The two backup dancers in Beyonce’s Single Ladies video are robots.
11. Cats speak their own language called  Felinian.
12. Babies can understand Felinian but cannot interpret it because they cannot speak yet themselves.
12. People who drive white cars get pulled over for speeding three times more than any other car. They also get more car washes.
13. from Black Eyed Peas is a robot.
14. Judy Garland was a robot.
15. Oprah’s real name is Ralphie McPhearson. She is also a robot.

Wow who would have thought all those things are true? Not me. Do you know any interesting Fun Facts?

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