So, It’s raining out today…

I just walked off the elevator and heard a Justin Bieber song playing. How could my day get any better from here?

Today I came to the conclusion that everyone talks about the weather in the elevator. It is raining today and I saw/heard one man say to the other, “It’s raining out”. The other man was wearing a rain coat and holding an umbrella. It’s like, “Really? Is it raining out? So that’s why my hair is soaking wet and I’m wearing these rubber boots.” The weather is an inevitable topic for two people to talk to when there is nothing else to say. Returning to work after the weekend, I always hear, “It was so beautiful out this weekend…got up to 74 degrees”. Heck, I’m the one saying it.

The weather is a common topic that everyone experiences. My goal for the day is to come up with another conversation topic that is universal and something to fall back on. I’ve got it…Everyone experiences the weather and everyone has 24 hours in the day. Next time I get on the elevator I will say, “So, we have 24 hours in the day…how’s that working for you?” or “How many hours, within the 24 hours, did you spend awake this weekend?” or “I heard they [the scientists in the government] are thinking of adding an hour to the 24 hour day, making it 25 hours”. That last one would be a joke to get some laughs and to make people like me.

This is me from the past 20 days:

Sometimes, I stare at these photo compilations and cry because of how beautiful I am. I mean look at all the stylish clothes I own. Wow, I really have such a good life.

Did you ever try to mimic someone’s actions and wait to see how long they realize. I’m going to go do that.

I ran/walked around Silver Lake, this past weekend- then sat on the concrete wall and looked out into the abyss. Don’t be fooled by the lake’s name- it is not actually silver.

I feel like I’m becoming more of an adult these days, as you can see by my laundry folding skills.

My mother is out of town [suspicious] and a half week’s worth of unfolded laundry laid on the couch, looking lost, confused, and wrinkled. I knew one of us [father, sister, myself] had to attempt to condense the unfolded mass so I took initiative and dove in…literally, I dove into the pile headfirst. The clothes were still a bit warm and created a human pillow that surrounded my body. I woke up four hours later wearing a different outfit than I had been in and smelling of dyer sheets. I looked around the dimly lit room with suspicion [the day had turned into night] and rolled off the couch, knocking over a bowl of soup- sending it spilling on the one clean shirt I had actually got to folding. I saw my sister sitting straight faced in the recliner chair. She said “Hello”. I said, “You scared me.” She shook her head and looked at the pile of unfolded laundry. “So I hear it’s going to be 74 degrees tomorrow”, I informed her.

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0 thoughts on “So, It’s raining out today…

  1. It’s bright sunshine and, coincidentally, 74˚ here in Minnesota. Fancy that! (I like this post a lot.)

  2. Hahaha… I loved it Becky especially the end. Your style ehh?? In 6 of those pictures, you are wearing my clothing.. But seriously, well done.

    1. way to give away all my secrets!!! but really, thanks for letting me wear your clothes on a daily basis. you’re like the best sister ever.

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