Grey’s Anatomy Music!!!

I am discovering new music, most recently, Darling I Do by Landon Pigg feat. Lucy Schwartz. It doesn’t matter that it’s from the movie Shrek, or that the guy’s last name is Pigg, it’s a nice song. I discovered this song by using my musical detective skills.

The photo above is from my graduation from Detective school a year ago. The man behind me is my favorite professor, Dexter. He’s a blood spatter analyzer and doesn’t show too much emotion. My actual degree was in the Detectivery History of Musical Analysis with a focus on the Hands on Analysis of The Detectivery History of Musical Analysis. This might be the worst photoshop print I’ve ever done.

The season 6 finale of Grey’s was last night. It played the songs
The Way it Ends by Landon Pigg.
In My Veins by Andrew Belle
Unarmed by Mariah Mcmanus

Grey’s Anatomy has always been a place for me to go to discover solid music. I purchased their first CD of the soundtrack five years ago in 2005. Grey’s also features artists such as Tegan and Sara, Coldplay, Mat Kearney, Feist, Postal Service, Snow Patrol, Andrew Belle, Regina Spektor, The Fray, and Ingrid Michaelson. Below are more songs discovered through the show.

World Spins Madly on by The Weepies
Andrew Belle by Static Waves
On The Radio by Regina Spektor
Two Hearts Are Better Than One by Katie Herzig
The Boy Least Likely To by Be Gentle With Me
Breathe (2am) by Anna Nalick [which strangely used to be my most played on Itunes]

My detective professor would be so proud of me. I was plesantly surprised when I saw that a band called Headlights was used on Grey’s because one of my favorite songs [about three years ago] was TV by Headlights.

Most of you probably know that I was part of the original cast of Grey’s.

I played Jennifer Chance, the adopted child of Dr. Bailey turned med student who was pulled off the streets of Seattle years prior after a crippling meth overdose. The show’s producers fired me after I repeatedly messed up the line, “It was a fall so minor her doctor didn’t even think to mention it when I was taking her history.” Instead of saying history, I kept on saying mystery. [because I previously did the voice over of Velma on the cartoon Scooby Doo]. We did over 200 takes of the scene when the producers decided to cut out the the Jennifer Chance character all together. I still got paid for a years worth of work, am listed on IMDB, and signed a contract that stated I would be sent every music soundtrack Grey’s that would be produced.

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