Remember the show Catdog?

Remember that show “Catdog”? What a weird show.

It “depicts the life of conjoined brothers, with one half being a cat and the other a dog” according to wikipedia. Cat is smart. Dog is stupid. How stereotypical. I hope the Dog Foundation of Dogs Everywhere (DFODE) took action to stand up to this degrading portrayal.

My weekend began by taking the 7pm ferry back to the island. No not the Survivor island, Staten Island.

There was no one to pick me up from the boat, so I took the train to my house. I am spoiled because I always have someone picking me up from the boat. I am very appreciative to those who do. You know who you are. Shoutouttt.

I packed my belongings and left for the Jersey Shore BABYYYY. Highlights of my entire weekend include:

1. Taking a late night run on the boardwalk [with Aunt Kristin and Aunt Sally speed walking alongside] After a long week in front of the computer, it was freeing to run in the open sea air while looking up at the stars which seem to be non-existent in the city. I ran to the end of the boardwalk, touched the bench, then met my aunts to speed walk back with. I left my sneakers on Staten Island, so I had to wear sneakers that I found in the beach house, that were a size and a half too big. Let’s just say I may or may have lost a toe.

2. Ate at Surf Taco with Emily and Adam. I ordered a burrito with lightly breaded chicken, jack and cheddar cheese, lettuce, rice, and ranch dressing. YUMMMM I want that now. Adam revealed his balancing skills, which were mad impressive. He ended up balancing three burritos, an Arizona iced tea, and a teenage waitress on his head.

3. Seeing my family. I did not interact with my family at first, just watched them from afar through binoculars.

4. Interacting with my family. Members of the family whom I had human contact with included: Aunt Kristin, Aunt Mary, Aunt Sally [Whom is going to write a guest blog!!!!!!!!], Uncle Don, Blair, Marykate, Emily [Adam]. Am I forgetting anyone? No. Thank you.

Timeline of Saturday, July 10, 2010
9:50am awake
10:30 eat too much crumb cake
11:30 get foot massage from  Aunt Sally aka Charlotte the massage therapist
12:00pm surf taco
12:45pm give adam tour of seaside
3:05 lay down for nap [set alarm for one hour later]
4:24 awake, thinking I only slept for 24 minutes
4:25 realize I set my alarm for 5:05am
4:30 walk downstairs, everyone is gone
4:40 Marykate and Aunt Katy arrive
5:00 Aunt Mary/Blair arrive. Emily/Adam return from beach. Aunt Sally returns from food shopping.
5:01 realize where everyone had been.
5:23 read last chapters of the first James Patterson Women’s Murder Club novel
5:24 marykate throws my book across the room on the floor after I say “I just want to finish this book”
5:24 marykate and blair play “keep away” with my book
5:25 the book is returned to my possession
7:00 go for walk/run with marykate
7:15 see a pack of acrobats on the beach with inviting eyes. marykate and I are intrigued.
7:18 marykate is thrown into the air and does a 360. then asked to join their traveling pack.
7:29 I convince marykate an acrobatic life is not one she would want to lead.
7:32 we head home
8:00 open presents for Aunt Kristin’s birthday
8:30 eat dinner

5. Watching the Spain vs. Netherlands World Cup game. Bridget and I picked up chicken cutlet/fresh mozz cheese/balsamic dressing sandwiches from a gourmet food store, Delfinis, set up on the front porch, and watched the game. Spain won 1-0 in overtime. The sandwiches won 10-0 out of the best food I ate all day. I was tired and dozed off during the game for a few minutes. It was a nice, lazy sunday.

6. Swim in the pool. I went for a swim at Bridget’s house during the twilight hour [shoutout Edward Cullen] and acted out for her what it would be like if I were swimming along, enjoying the day, and then got pulled under by a shark. I deserved an emmy for my performance.

The past weekend was great and oh yea, I forgot to tell you I saw a SharkDolphin in the ocean. I’m proposing the idea to make it into a cartoon show at work. I’ll let you know how that goes.

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