Visitors and Visits.

I asked tourists to take my picture this morning.

It was a man and a woman tourist from Italy. There place of origin is simply an educated guess- and it’s probably correct, considering I have over 18 years of education under my belt. You can’t see the belt in the picture, my jacket is covering it. I had a very nice weekend. Maryellen visited me in Staten Island on Saturday, venturing from NYC [upper east side suckahs]. I picked her up at the ferry.

Then she got into the car.

We were hungry by this time [7:22pm EST] and drove to Forest Ave., where I had my mind set on getting pretzel crusted chicken fingers from Jodis. I kept saying “Jodis has the best chicken fingers…blah blah blah” [the Kesha song had come on the radio]. We parked the car, got to Jodis and went in. As soon as we stepped into the vestibule, I noticed the restaurant was smaller and more crowded than I remembered. I suddenly realized the restaurant I was thinking of was Black Dog Grill, not Jodis. I told Maryellen, “Where in the wrong place”. I turned around and pushed her out the door. Smokers standing outside were laughing, as were we. They questioned the situation. Luckily, blog readers, Black Dog Grill is only one door down from Jodis. I was genuinely looking forward to eating the meal. The food arrived and I realized I forgot to order fries, which is for the better I decided, considering bathing suit season is in short distance. The honey mustard was gorgeous. I know, gorgeous isn’t a word  used to describe a condiment, but its beauty/delicious taste made a single tear fall down my cheek.

Maryellen ordered a German Ruben Cuban Porkburger topped with bratwurst, pickles, bacon, sauerkraut, swiss cheese & mustard butter on a pretzel bun.

It was a most enjoyable meal. I took the one leftover chicken finger home, but left it out over night so had to dispose of  it via garbage can.

I watched two movies this weekend. “Kick-Ass” [which I was reluctant at first, but ended up being KICKA*************]

and “Whip It” [which I wanted to see, but ended up thinking it was medium and predictable] We also realized the girl from Juno is so tiny.

I went to Bridget’s last evening and was fed a nice dinner of a cheeseburger. Bridget handed me her cheese burger [on a plate], asking me to microwave it to melt the cheese. I did so and when I removed the burger from the machine, it was mad weird looking because the cheese conformed to the top of the burger which was cut in half. It was amusing. It was my first homemade burger of the season [of spring]. Maryellen and I also had Ralph’s ices when she visited. She ordered birthday cake.

I ordered cookies and cream.

The end. [as if you would keep reading if nothing were there]

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