Tickets and Brightness

Exciting. Today I purchased four tickets to the Ingrid Michaelson/Mat Kearney concert which will be held at Toad’s Place in New Haven, CT.

Thank GOODNESS all ages are accepted. I would not have supported the venue if they were ageists. I will start listening to Mat Kearney’s music on a grander level because I do not know too many of his songs. I hope Ingrid plays 200 songs and Mat Kearney only plays three. I have nothing against Mat Kearney I just really like Ingrid. I saw her play once at Bowery Ballroom with my friend, Kristen a couple months ago.

I took the picture above from a screen grab of a video I had taken and posted online. It was the best concert I had ever attended. Ingrid is from Staten Island and she’s also holding a concert next month at Snug Harbor. I haven’t been to Connecticut in a while.

Today I took the bus into work.

Goodness, the window is so dirty- but still a pretty view of the water over the bridge. I didn’t get my camera out quick enough to get a shot of the killer whale that I saw, but I did get a shot of the whale killer who was soon arrested by the coast guard. I arrived to work early today. The tech guy installed my new MAC computer which was wonderful. Upon using it however, I realized the screen was madddddddd bright. I am a MAC user over a PC and I, nor the tech guy could figure out how to adjust the brightness.

My eyes!!! That’s not me in the picture, but rather a professional stand-in actor. Do you know how much money I spend on doing these blog entries? This isn’t a rhetorical question. I’m curious myself. For now, I will have to wear sunglasses in order to protect my innocent eyes from such harsh exposure. Today when I took the elevator, I thought how interesting it was the combination of people on the elevator. No, I did not know any of them, but I thought “I wonder how the seven of us would interact if we all hung out”- or “Out of all the elevator rides I’ve been on, I wonder which combination of people would be the most fun/least fun/most dangerous.” Co-workers think I’m wearing sunglasses for three different reasons: 1) because I’ve been crying 2) because I want to be cool/funny or 3) because my screen is too bright. The truth is, I know how to adjust the screen’s brightness, I just want to be cool/funny.

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