Snow, Starbucks, Sent Updates

Staten Island Snow

After it snowed yesterday for a couple hours, my family and I decided to take a ride [we like to take rides a lot with or without each other] to see what damage the snow had done…and to get Starbucks. My mom became addicted to Starbucks about a year ago according to my mental rememberings. I got her this shirt made soon after.

The land received about a foot of snow and I went sledding on the golf course. It was fun and faster than I expected. At one point, I knocked down a teenage boy who was merely bystanding innocently. He never saw it coming. Then again, he deserved it because he was standing directly in my path. I did not go into work yesterday, but returned today and took the ferry. I usually take the express bus every morning but I slept over my friend’s house and was closer to the ferry. While on the ferry, I pretended to be a tourist and spoke with an accent that probably mostly resembled Argentinean. Even time I took a picture I would say “nice view yeah?” and commuters looked at me with no reaction. Here are the three pics [pics is an abbreviation for the word pictures] I took.

I titled the picture above “choppy” because I once sailed the sea with a four-man crew. We called the head chef of the boat “choppy”

It was quite the nice ferry ride into the city and good to be outside. I am inside for 8-11 hours of the day…then about 8-9 hours of the night. Can someone send me constant picture updates of the outside world? I am willing to pay you 70$ per picture. After taxes are taken out, equivalent to 14 cents. If the pictures are really good I’ll post them on my blog. Please send me a message attached to the picture and I’ll put that on my blog too. Then I’ll give you my blog username and password and you can just write my blog for me and I will pay you another 70$ [14 cents]. You’ve got to start somewhere.

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