Metro Cards and Cousins

You’re in luck that you came across this webpage.

Today is National “Write Down the Events of Your Day, As if it were an Excerpt from A Novel” Day!

The girl didn’t mind the idea of getting up for work after seeing that the clock read 7:00am. She had fifty more minutes to sleep and heard her older sister rustling around in the hallway getting ready for work.

Must you talk to loudly, the girl thought. It sounded like someone was moving furniture behind the closed door.

The girl woke again three minutes before her alarm sounded, a skill that made her believe she had psychic abilities. She rolled out of bed and hit the wood floor hard.


“Can you turn down your wipers one notch?”, the girl asked her father as she began to tuck her hair into her green knit hat. The flakes started to hit the windshield faster and she considered telling him to turn them back up. She saw the x400 bus approaching the red light at the intersection. The girl kissed her father’s cheek, hopped out of the car. Her black snow boot was immersed in a puddle of grey water.

The girl didn’t mind the idea of getting on the x400 after seeing that her metro card had a remaining 49.50$ and knowing she had the half read 7th book of the James Patterson novel in her gray woolen handbag.

End. Scene.

Wow, that was quite a riveting novel entry if you ask me.

Below are metro cards I found in my desk drawer at home. I hope each one is filled with 50 dollars. That would make my day. If anyone wants to place bets on how much is on each card, let me know and if you are right, I’ll give you the metro card. I hope you don’t think this blog is filled with false promises.

Oh no! Blasted! I did the one thing that a blogger (blogista) isn’t supposed to do. I referred to my own blog in my blog. Oh man, I’m going to have bad blog luck for the next 7-10 years. I can’t breathe. This is not going to make my day. This is going to destroy my day. Yesterday, my day was made by my cousin, Blair. She called me yesterday from Rome, Italy where she is studying abroad. Below, she is the one on the left.

I did not select a picture where her face can be seen because frankly, it is not up to me to reveal her identity…just kidding- Below is her…and myself…and my cousin Kaitlin. This picture was taken about two years ago during the devastating week when my knee locked in a freak occurrance. I couldn’t straighten it for some time. It was, however, conducive for posing in pictures.

I have really great cousins. There is not one that I do not like, or, I’ll say it- love. I’ll admit I love them. I like having cousins close to my age and I can honestly say, Emily (my sister), Kaitiln, Blair, Mary Kate and I are best friends. OMG I’m crying. Just kidding. I don’t cry for such juvenile matters. Kaitlin and I are only two days apart.

Above is Kaitlin and I when we were merely two weeks old. I remember this day like it was yesterday. Can you tell which baby is which? Kaitlin was actually sleeping in a large oven mitt. I am the one on the left. I guess I didn’t really give you a chance to guess. I feel like this blog was all over the place. I hope it was successful. Maybe it wasn’t successful and the bad luck blog curse is in action. Why Lord, Why!?

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