Music and Trains

Above is a depiction of my subway this morning. Actors were used to portray real people. I slept in the city last night at my good friend, Maryellen’s [shoutouttt] apartment. I was [well still am] grateful to her  for allowing me to spend the night and make my morning commute easier. I will not tell you where from or to where I am commuting. I do not want to be stalked. It was mad crowded on the subway this morning- Lady Gaga was riding the subway with me. She was wearing a winter jacket with a big fur hood. When we made eye contact, she put her fingers to her lips and said “shhh”. I respect that about her.

I had never heard of them. They has a good beat and the drummer was really fast. It’s good to be fast if you’re a drummer-or if you’re an olympian speed skater- or if you’re a waiter. It’s not good to be too fast if you’re a waiter because there is the possibility of ruining orders, or speaking without clairty, or spilling hot soup on a passive patron and creating a Lenghty Lawsuit. I was once involved in a Lenghty Lawsuit which lasted over a decade. The years were worth the seventy thousand dollars I eventually received. My grandma wasn’t even that mad that I sued her. This is my grandma.

Unlike other grandmas, I call her by her first name…Nana. Her birth name is actually “Nana Seig” later it was changed to “Nana Krause” when my grandfather made an honest woman out of her. Nana will be 91 this month, making her the oldest woman with a myspace. Her pics are crazyyy. She didn’t join me going out last night and glad she didn’t because I didn’t get to sleep until the early morning hours. After the concert was over, Maryellen put on her ipod shuffle for everyone to hear. A few good songs came on and I felt something in my soul. Music takes me places. It once took me to South Dakota. This happened a decade ago, before the accident which caused the Lenghty Lawsuit, before the band with Mr. Irwin and my friend Katherine. It was a band called “South Dakota Ladies’ Choir” consisting of myself, and three hundred Fellow Singers. You should have saw us on opening night- dressed in matching outfits holding poles and tambourines. It was quite spectacular. The band didn’t make it past opening night due to a weakly structured bleacher system supporting two hundred and ninety nine women named Aretha and me, Becky. I love music. Below is Maryellen’s ipod and one of the songs I liked and recognized.

 It was a fun night. I am semi-exhausted today. However I am a 22 years old, healthy and damnnn good looking. I should take advantage of the great life I have and all the opportunities offered. I think I do. Probably could more.

Advice: if you’re young and healthy [or sick and old], if you have working limbs [or if you don’t have working limbs], and if you’re up for a good time [or if you’re up for a semi-good time] get up and do things. It’s ok if you’re tired because you’ll have plenty of time to sleep eventually.

Wow, that’s the best advice i’ve ever given. And I’ve given a lot of advice in my day. A lot of Advice in My Day.

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