SNL Recap.

Starting the day watching the 88 1/2-year old Betty White on Saturday Night Live from this past Saturday. Former female SNL cast members also made appearances including [in order of my favorite via SNL] Molly Shannon, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, and Ana Gasteyer. They partook in new sketches… [including Lawrence Welk Cold Open where Kristen Wigg has two baby hands [ridiculously amazing!!!!].

…and past sketches that were redone this week:

NPR’s Delicious Dish
Margaret-Jo McCullen [Gasteyer] and Teri Rialto [Shannon] are softspoken NPR hosts who talk about and describe various culinary dishes, [in the past “Schweddy balls with Alec Baldwin”] This time, celebrating Dietary Fiber Day with Florence Dusty [Betty White] who brings in her muffin.

Sally O’Malley & Dotty
Sally O’Malley brags that “[she’s] fifty” and she likes to kickkk and stretchhh and kickkk. Dotty O’Donigan [Betty White] walks out and reveals she’s ninety and she likes to stand, bend, and sit… one-upping Sally O’Malley.

Bronx Beat [Web Exclusive]
Betty Caruso [Pohler] and Jodi Deitz [Rudolph] are chatty, gum chewing hosts of the show, Bronx Beat, and invite Betty’s mother [Betty White] on as a guest. She brings her new “special friend”, Andy Samberg. This is the skit where I realized Amy Poehler is pregnant in real life.

Joyologist [Web Exclusive]
Helen Madden [Shannon] is a licensed joyologist who is known for kicking her foot in the air while saying, “I love it”.

Debbie Downer [Web Exclusive]
This skit always makes me laugh. Debbie Downer [Rachel Dratch] is constantly making negative comments that are absurd and bring down everyone’s mood. It is revealed that she became the way she is because of her grandmother who used to be a downer too.

All awesome characters. This episode was refreshing to watch- as if I were drinking a glass of room temperature water after not having access to water for three days.

Halfway through writing these short synopsis’s of the sketches on this here blog, I thought, why am I even doing this? Then I remembered my new resolution for the day is to finish tasks I begin, so I continued writing. I suppose this blog entry would be good for those without a television or computer, those who do not have time to watch such shows as SNL and want a re-cap, or those who get joy out of reading the english language when words are put together to form sentences. I recommend going to and searching for the [Web Exclusives] only offered there. I’m excited to begin finishing things that I start and complet

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