Times Square today.

I walked by the window, thinking some dudes were just hanging out being silly.

I realized they were looking down at this:

It was pretty bizarre seeing Times Square empty, rid of pedestrians, street vendors. A cooler was left on the street and deemed a suspicious package. I wasn’t too nervous about the situation. It turned out to be a cooler holding a human heart. Just kidding. It was holding water bottles. I am glad it is Friday. This weekend I am travelling to Washington D.C. where I will see my cousin Kaitlin [who is only two days younger than me, 48 hours to be more exact] graduate from American University. I love my cousins. They are the coolest, most awesomest, more greatest people in the world. Here are pictures from some of the good times we’ve shared:

Kaitlin’s prom:

Journey Concert:

Breakfast in SC. We were so happy:

Nana on back deck:

Little gangstas:

Red Bank Christmas Tree Lighting:

Molly’s wedding:

Molly’s wedding hotel preparty:

Dranking bottles:

Can’t wait to see them. As I previously stated. Blair just returned from Italy today!!!

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