Short Starbucks.

I accompanied my mother to Starbucks this morning and ordered her a venti coffee frappachino light with six pumps of sugar free hazel nut. This is the only drink she gets and as soon as the words come out of my mouth, the barista/bar-man says “There’s a woman who comes in here and orders the same thing”…to which I reply “yes, she is my mother”. A barista once asked me, “are you the teacher?” I said, “No, that’s my sister.” My mom told me we are going to send an invite to all SI Starbucks employees to Thanksgiving this year. As I was waiting for her drink, the bar-man behind the counter was staring at me and said, “Did you lose your wallet?” I said, “excuse me?”…He said “did you lose your wallet in here a few days ago?” I paused for a moment and even though I hadn’t been in Starbucks for days I replied , “yes, actually I did”. Let’s just say my mother now has a four hundred dollar gift card to Starbucks. You’re welcome.

I’m just kidding, I do not, in fact, believe in thievery or the stealing of identities, which happens to falls under the category of thievery. When the bar-man asked if I’d lost my wallet, I of course responded, “Nope”…I do wonder, however, who this mysterious doppelganger is. I think it’s my twin that I was separated from at birth.

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