I have a Twin.

I forgot my work ID card at home today, more specifically in my blue backpack. I realized this when I was in the car two minutes away from the house- but I had ventured too far. There was no turning back. I’m starting to recognize people at my bus stop, maybe I’ll invite them out for a drink some time. I slipped my business card into a man’s pocket today. I thought that was appropriate to do so because he was a business man. He was facing his left, towards where the bus would come from. I was standing on his right. There was a little girl tip toeing on the edge of a fence and she missed a step and began to fall. The business man reached out to catch her, bending over slightly. I saw this as an opportunity and slipped the card into his jacket pocket. It was a slick move on my part, I must say. The express bus came. I stepped onto the bus, reaching for the metro card in my pocket. As I dipped it into the machine, I realized it was not a metro card, but rather my business card. I was stranded without funds. I looked into the bus driver’s eyes and winked at him. He looked back at me stone faced and said to make up for my dues, I would have to drive the bus…and I did.

I got nervous at first, took off my jacket, and didn’t know what to do with my hands, but as soon as I floored the accelerator I was smooth sailing. No rocky waters or rough seas for these commuters.

The waters were rocky as I drove over the Verrazano and from the corner of my eye, I saw a killer whale jump from the depths of the sea.

I had never noticed the whale before, but I usually read on the bus so that’s probably why it slipped me by. I got into the city at 9:22am, very early. I wanted to go to American Eagle to look around, but it didn’t open until 10am. Therefore, I went into a tourist gift shop and looked around. I checked my phone in my purse once or twice and became very paranoid that the cashier thought I was trying to steal things.

I got to work and walked to the security desk due to lack of ID card. As I was standing there I saw one of my co-workers coming up the escalator. He saw me, waved, then began walking towards me. I began to perspire and when he said “Hey Becky” I had an instinct to look confused and responded with, “Hi, I’m not actually Becky, but her twin sister Lydia.” I don’t know this co-worker too well [Today is my 2 month anniversary of working…cheers] and he said “oh cool, Becky never mentioned ¬†she had a twin sister”. He then brushed his hand over mine. He signed me into the building and I tripped a bit as I turned to head toward the elevator. As i was falling I thought I saw him peripherally touch my pocket. He told me he needed to go to the mailroom. We departed ways and I got on the elevator. I stuck my hand in my pocket and felt a square rectangle piece of plastic. It was Frank’s ID card for the building. I think he meant to slip me his business card. ca-CHING [like the sound of a cash register].

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