Ingrid and Jeopardy

The weekend goes too quickly. Last night was the Ingrid Michaelson/Mat Kearney concert at Toad’s Place in New Haven, CT. We went to Archie Moore’s before, where I had buffalo chicken nachos. I will be attempting to consume the leftovers today for lunch. We got back to Staten Island at 12:45pm, making it back in record time. I used to keep records of the time in which I made it from Fairfield to Staten Island in a notebook labeled “Times to Date”. I sold the book on E-bay for seven thousand dollars. I always wondered who purchased it for that kind of money. Part of me wished the whole concert belonged to Ingrid and she didn’t have to share it with Mat K. and “Angel”- but I suppose that is me just being selfish. After Ingrid performed, Emily and I decided to purchase an Ingrid shirt for twenty dollars. As we approached the merch table, I saw Ingrid walk down a flight of stairs and enter the merch table room. Within the next few minutes, we were able to get a picture with her.

I showed this to my friend at work today and he was like, “Which one is ingrid?” Obviously he is not a true Ingrid fan or maybe he was born without the ability to recognize human faces also known as CRFS [can’t recognize faces syndrome]. The picture above is blurry because it is a picture of a picture…of a picture of a picture. I basically wanted to see how many picture I could take of a picture before the faces became unrecognizable. I guess then I would truly know how it would feel to have CRFS.

I hope my leftover buffalo chicken nachos are still good this afternoon. I will eat them at 1PM give or take 4 minutes. Actually, just give four minutes. No take.

I have consumed the nachos and on a scale of 10, they were 5.3. They were no longer crunchy and I accidentally heated up the sour cream. Blasted. I enjoyed them nonetheless…I enjoyed them nonetheless. I have come to the conclusion I need to regulate my intake of edible materials startinggg now. “Starting Now” is one of the songs that Ingrid sings.

Since beginning work two months and ten days ago, I have read 6 books. They are as follows:

Pop Goes the Weasel- James Patterson
Dexter- Jeff Lindsay
Roses are Red- Patterson
Violets are Blue- Patterson
Four Blind Mice- Patterson
London Bridges- Patterson

I just found out that James Patterson came up with the slogan “I’m a Toys R’ Us kid”. I hope that information is put into the form of a trivia question for one million dollars on a popular quiz show. I can then impress all my friends with the knowledge. You can too! I was on Jeopardy last year, as some of you ┬ámay know, but I did not win.

I carried my black purse during the whole show because I don’t trust people in the media business.

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0 thoughts on “Ingrid and Jeopardy

  1. hello lovely.
    three things: i want to go to this concert in boston this week. may happen, may not.
    angel? is that a female solo singer? i have a funny story about her that involging a tour bus in stoneham, which is unheard of.
    CRFS = prosopagnosia. wikipedia it or something. lol

    <3 miss you

    1. 1) i hope you get to go to the concert bc it was awesomeeeeee. i don’t want to give away any suprises buttt Ingrid may or may have sang a cover of a popular artist called britney spears.
      2) angel is a female singer who looked like she was on drugs.
      3) i can’t believe CRFS actually exists. interesting.

      4444) miss you!

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