Free Lunch

Gentlemen and ladies, we have the results… I stood at the swiper machine last evening on my way to the ferry. It can be concluded that I have $22.80 in combination of metro cards. It can be even further concluded that $22.80 would give me 4.14 rides on the express bus! What a wonderful day this is turning out to be.

There are some Express bus routes that are in danger of being eliminated, according to a postcard that was planted on the bus seat this morning. There is going to be a community protest at The College of Staten Island this week trying to keep the buses in service. Fortunately gentleman and ladies, my bus, the x400 was not on the list of ones to be eliminated. Therefore, I was like “This doesn’t effect me” and I flung the postcard into the aisle. Unfortunately, the postcard flew towards an elderly lady and hit her in the eye. She quickly turned towards me and when she did, I pointed to the teenage boy next to me and he pointed to me. [luckily I hit her glass eye, not the good one. Not that a glass eye can’t be the good one. But it wasn’t really a big deal] The bus eliminations do, in fact, effect me because it will put 15,000 people out of a bus route, making my bus more crowded and I won’t be able to get a seat. However, sleeping on the briefcase wrack above the seats does look somewhat comfortable.

I arrived to work ten minutes late because of all the traffic. I almost got off the bus twice to jump on a subway [not actually to take the subway, just jump on it] but I decided to stay on the bus. I have been tempted [for the past month] to open the emergency bar that would lift up the window creating an escape. I have such a desire to do it. I always wait until 1PM to eat lunch, but today I was hungry at 12:15pm and ate then. I slept over my grandma’s house last night and waking up this morning, I could not find my sandwich that I made the night before. I finally discovered it in the freezer and chose to leave it there are get lunch at work. In the tea room this morning, I noticed there was a refrigerator stocked with free food.

…it was stocked with all my favorite foods- including a salami/cheese/turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread, a vanilla yogurt, and a Snapple Iced Tea. Looks like I’m going to start forgetting my lunch more often. I’m going back to look for desert.

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