Lake Water Rafting

This past weekend consisted of nice weather. Hence the picture below:

This picture is contrasted with the one taken the weekend before:

No gentleman and ladies, I did not apply a “black and white” effect to the picture, but this is how dark, dreary and dismal the day was. You can see tiny ripples [or waves as I referred to them] in the water. Seizing the day, some of my friends and I went Lake Water Rafting. I fell out of the raft [see the arrow above] and was almost sucked under by the currents. Luckily I propelled my body back into the raft and we made our way back to shore. It was a life changing experience and I now wake up every morning knowing how lucky I am to be alive. I woke up earlier today with the purpose to go to Starbucks with my addict-mother. I’m not complaining though, because I ordered myself an iced chai tea which was glorious to consume on the carride/busride.

My mother just got a new tattoo on her right outer upper arm. It is of the Starbucks emblem- you might be able to see it under her sleeve in the picture above. She tries to cover it up because it’s not appropriate for work and frankly I think it’s distasteful. It does however, show how dedicated she is to the green-labled coffee corporation. I will give her a pat on the back next time I come in contact with her. The bus was cold today, just enough so that it was painful to commute. I held my Dexter book in one hand and had the other hand in my pocket. I had to remove my hand from the pocket when it came time to turn the page. When I did so, I would slightly nudge the woman sitting next to me. She didn’t seem to mind that I was doing it.

I watched some of Dancing With the Stars last night. It’s on the discovery channel and it’s about four scientists who went into space and followed different star clusters including White Dwarfs, Subdwarfs, Luminous giants, Less luminous supergiants, and can’t forget about the Very luminous supergiants [my personal favorite].

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