Baby Gaga

I left my phone at home today. I did not charge it as I was sleeping last night so I left it upstairs to charge for a bit this morning. I woke up today and thought in my head [I guess I could just say “I thought” because it’s obviously in my head] “Please let it be around 5am so I can sleep for three more hours. Looking at my phone, I saw it said 7:48am…two minutes before my 7:50 alarm. Alas, I changed my alarm to 8:00am and laid for another ten minutes, which makes a difference in my head.

Today is dreary and rainy which contrasts to yesterday. This weekend was really nice.

This is me over a twenty day span.

It is interesting to see the pattern of clothes I have been wearing. I wear the black scarf a lot. I bet an [undisclosed amount] that I am in the background of countless or tourist’s pictures as I am walking to, running from work every day. I can’t tell you how many pictures I have ruined [not purposefully] by sprinting past the camera flash. If anyone recognizes my face sees me in a picture they have taken in Times Square, please send it to the blog and I’ll post it! I literally have no hope anyone would ever send in a picture.

I joined twitter today, as a result of peer pressure. I can be peer pressured into just about anything. I can also be old person pressured or even infant pressured. Once I was infant pressured to chug a bottle of cold milk straight. I was totally into doing it, but it took forever to do because the milk doesn’t come out that quickly.

She kept saying “drink faster, drink faster”. After two hours of chugging, the baby was so happy I succeeded, she started playing Lady Gaga on her small red piano.

I wish I got it on video tape!

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