Is it still raining outside?

I took my computer into work today. Do you like it’s new case?

The case guarantees to protect the laptop from any kind of harm including but not limited to impact upon dropping, scratching upon impact, and losing upon thievery. It cost me 40 big ones. I probably should actually invest in a new case before anything happens to it. It is raining today- quite the dreary commute.

There was a maddd sea of umbrellas at one point which I captured above via my blackberry cellular device. I began reading the third book in the Dexter series called Dexter in the Dark. I only read for half of the commute because I couldn’t concentrate/focus for some reason. I therefore listened to some music, more specifically the soundtrack from 500 Days of Summer. My sister and I [I know there were rumors floating around that I do not have a sister. I do actually have one] watched the movie last night after requesting it from Netflix.

I think Martha Stewart, Diane Sawyer, Candice Bergan look alike…it’s weird. There is a higher power who put these three women on earth waiting for one special person [me] to realize they are all really the same person.

That is my realization of the day. It is actually something my sister and I thought for some time now.

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