Imagine If.

Imagine if there was no internet? well then, you would not be reading this.

Imagine if there was no email or phone and people had to send messengers to one another or just go to the other person in person?

Imagine if there were no cars- then you would have to walk wherever you were going [or I suppose, run/scoot/bike/horse and buggy/hop].

There is a new writer sitting next to me. His computer is not connected to the internet yet. Maybe I should disconnect myself from the internet. Would I be more productive? Would I get writing done? Am I a writer? Can I be a writer? Is what I am doing now writing? Of course these are rhetorical questions, for I do not know the exact answers. I am trying to reach a conclusion about something, and I can’t quite put my finger on it…because it’s too hot and I will burn myself.

I discovered the video below a while ago and it makes me feel kind of sad/nostalgic for something that I can’t quite put my finger on…because’s it’s too hot and I will burn myself. Ok- last time I will use that joke.


I love music. I love live concerts. I love the piano. I took piano lessons for 10 years of my life, including two years in college where I received two credits per semester. My piano teacher in college was named Beth Palmer. She was an awesome woman and an amazinggg pianist. Sometimes I asked her to play pieces for me because it was so enjoyable. Once she played, Franz Liszt’s Liebestraume and in the end she looked over, and tears were streaming down my face. It was beautiful and sounded like a love song. Below is the song [not played by her, but by a man]


Tears legit streaming down my faceee. I love bands that incorporate the piano. Of course, not any and every band that incorporates the piano- but definitely JUKEBOX THE GHOST! I saw them in concert with my good friend a few months ago. It was fun.


There is a new man-writer on the floor- he sits next to me. I am going to take notes on the actions. He has his laptop out/his headphones on/ and he is scribbling on a piece of paper with a tan/yellow pencil. I assume he isn’t just scribbling but writing some words. It appears he is writing in one lined sentences. The five people in my area today, including myself, are wearing plaid shirts. He just put his pencil down. Now he’s staring at the wall.

My back is hurtinggg today. I thought it was just built up pain from sitting at a desk all day. However, I concluded it is built up pain from babysitting this past saturday night and dragging kids across hard wood floors on a big blanket. At least I got a fun blanket ride too!

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