Today is September 1st!

As I was entering Kohl’s once, a man approached me and asked me for my email address. “Umm”, I said thinking about it. “Will it send me a bunch of emails?” I asked.

“No, it’s just for one email coupon,” he reassured me.
“OK”, I said, taking the clipboard and pen.

I thought of that story today as I deleted about three Kohl’s emails two years later. I was duped by that man!

Today is September 1st.

I was 40 minutes early for work this morning [why do I get here so early?] so I walked down to 10th ave. It was hot out. Many thoughts were running through my head including:

1. If people 30 years ago ┬áheard the term “I have no service” or “I’m not getting any service here” they would probably thing one was referring to being waited on at a restaurant and not cell phone service .

2. I want to make a documentary style video about my 94 year old neighbor/”Adopted grandmother” whom we call Nana Q. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and I should because she is 94 years old. She is a very interesting lady who still reads, writes poetry, attends painting classes, gardens, and uses a dvd player/scanner/digital camera.

3. I want to cut another food out of my life. I have not drank soda in a year [had a few sips here and there]. I have not had coffee in 10 months. I have not had french fries in about 2 months. I like this track I am going on. I hear if you cut out one thing from your life for a year, you can lose some pounds [physically], which I’m always up for doing. But the question remains…what food will it be?

Bread [no]…chocolate [no]…butter [no]…ice cream [no way]…ok I give up.

4. It would be fun to work at a theater. I passed by many theaters on my walk around 44th street and 9/10th aves and I got a feeling that it would be exciting to be employeed by a theater company. I’ve always liked theater [mostly musical]. That’s the end of this thought.

5. Imagine if people still got around using horse and buggy. If there were no cars, and only horse and wagons were used. Instead of calling AAA for a flat tire, one would call HBA for a broken axel.

Let me introduce you to the newest addition to my life.

It’s name is “green watch” and I uh, love it so far. I used to always wear watches but lost two of them and the other two were outdated looking. I have a habit of taking off my rings and putting them on other fingers and I used to have a habit of removing my watch and placing it somewhere without even realize I was doing it. I remember sitting at Staten Island hospital waiting room when I used to volunteer there and when I stood up, an elderly woman pointed to my seat. I looked and my silver and white Guess watch was resting on the chair. I left one of my favorite watches at a nail salon and the other in my bio classroom. Never saw them again. If you’re reading this blog, watches, know I still think about you at least once every five years.

“Green watch” is a Swatch watch. It was $50 dollars and came with a 2 year warranty. What more could I ask for? A 3 year warranty. That’s what more I could have asked for.


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