A Robbery During our Hike

I pulled out my notepad from my purse and discovered it had been destroyed.

I filed a police report soon after the saw what happened. Only someone trying to sabotage my career would do such a thing to a writing pad where I kept my trivial ideas.

I went hiking this past weekend with three friends from my college, Fairfield University in Connecticut. This is us before we began our journey. Left to right: Matt, myself, Laura

We were energetic, eager, and happy travelers looking to have a nice afternoon of hiking, until things turned south…and I don’t mean literally. We were at the Delaware Water Gap, which is for some reason located in Pennsylvania.

Here are pictures from before Matt got us into the middle of the woods and tried to rob us.

Right after the above picture was taken, Matt used his man powered body to tackle me into the river. I looked up, my clothes dripping with river water, and tilted my head towards Andrew and Laura. They jumped back with fear in as Matt was spinning in a circle holding a plastic knife.

“What are you doing?!” I asked Matt, my voice raising with inclination.
“Take out everything in your bags and put it on that tree trunk,” he said pointing to a pine Christmas tree. “We’re going to pretend it’s Christmas morning.”

We removed our belongings- including my wallet, videocamera, and turkey/lettuce/cheese sandwich, which I was most upset about. I hadn’t eaten since sunrise. We everything around the tree. Matt hopped [literally like a bunny rabbit] towards our things and grabbed everything he could. He ran off up the hill.

“I can’t believe what just happened”, Laura told us. She was standing with her hand on her hip. There was a suntan around where her bracelet once rested.
“Matt had a crazed look in his eye”, Andrew chimed in.

We heard a high pitched laughter coming from above.  Matt looked down at us from the top of the hill. He took a bite of my turkey sandwich.

“I really wanted that sandwich”, I said, elongating the “witch” part of the work sandwich, stomping my feel as if I were mad at my mom and sulking up the stairs.

Andrew reached his hand in his pocket and pulled out something making a clinking noise.
“I have Matt’s car keys”, he told us.

We were sitting on the hatchback of his car when walked towards us with his head down as if he were a scolded puppy.

“So yeah, sorry about before guys,” Matt said. A piece of turkey was resting on his shoulder. You know what happens when I get hungry, and my sugar levels drop. He pouted his lips.

How could I not forgive that baby face of his.

We rode back home in silence until the Ke$ha song came on.

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