are you glad it’s friday?

This is the view from a window in my office building. [not today]

This is not the view from my actual office- I do not have windows in my office- but from one of the windows down the hallway. Look who I saw on the bus yesterday. Do you recognize her?

You think we would have known the other was traveling…I mean, we do live together. It was kind of awkward because I noticed it was her and was like, “Emily?” and she pretended to ignore me. She did not ignore me, but pretended to- which I suppose is actually ignoring me. There were no seats together opened on the bus so we didn’t get to sit with one another until commuters began to exit the vehicle after getting into the city.

I thinkkk Emily was trying to speak or something from the looks of it. When we got into the building, there was a sign explaining to workers that it was “Bring your sister to work day”. Whattt are the chances of that. I never figured out the real reason Emily was on the bus heading into the city that morning-suspicious. I gave Emily a tour of the facilities which took 4 hours because I took her through all the 45 floors. I am a very thorough person.

Emily took a picture of me on the bus as well. I titled this picture as “Becky looks like a 12- year old boy while man is sleeping”. Is it illegal to post this picture in my blog because I do not know who that man is? Please let me know if it is, and if it is illegal, I will gladly repost the picture one hundred times because I don’t follow American standard laws. I’m just kidding. I do.

I ate at a THAI restaurant last night called PEEP. That name make me uncomfortable for some unbeknownst reason but it was most enjoyable. The attendees at dinner included and were limited to Jaimie, Noel, Katt, and Marie. I had chicken pad thai. It was very good- the noodles were light but heavy at the same time.

The meal kind of looks gross after seeing the picture. Ew. The door of the bathroom was a mirror on the outside, and when you went in, you could see the people eating. You could also see the people waiting in line for the bathroom and the people approaching the door to open it. Therefore, I concluded it was a two way mirror. I am so mother effin smart and I’m very excited that it’s Friday! I used an exclamation mark to show my enthusiasm. I also took this picture, below, of me saying “yesss”.

Then I took another picture of me saying “yesss”

Then I took a picture of me saying “yes” while semi kneeling.

I am exhausted from all that excitement. I can’t wait for April 10th. There are mad pics in this blog.

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  1. Oh my your sister looks horrific in that picture.. And is that your sisters dress that you did not ask permission to wear?

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