Whiteout Zombies

I broke my white out tape. Oh Goodness.

Luckily, I am able to grab another whiteout tape from the supply closet, but what if this was the only roll I had access to in the next five months…what would I have done? Let my mistakes slide, as if I were living during the 1920s whiteout Prohibition? I heard those were tough times.

I remember reading in my history text books that gallons of white out was poured down sewers contaminating wild life and sewer dwellers.

On June 4, 1924, White Night occurred. Hundreds of thousands of the sewer dwellers, covered in the white liquid, emerged from the drains scaring civilians into frenzies and panics creating total chaos. Frenzies upon frenzies occurred.

Groups of women gathered and posed for photos which were mass produced through the country. The photo above is quite possible the most riveting and symbolic one of the whole movement. Moments after this picture was taken, 9 out of the 10 women were attacked by white sewer zombies, and soon killed upon contact. The only surviving woman was never seen again. [winkkk]

Well I guess I should not fret about my breakage of the roll of white out. I will simply walk to the supply cabinet and get more…then I’m going to paint my nails with the stuff…then paint my skin…then paint by hair…the emerge from the sewer on my way to catch the subway when I get out of work. Look for me on the nightly news!

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0 thoughts on “Whiteout Zombies

  1. so, i’ve been going back over your blog since you posted your st. paddy’s day entry on facebook and, as a history nerd, i totally dig this post. it made me laugh (as did just about every other post i’ve read so far). when did you get so good at photoshop? i mean, AHEM, where did you find all those amazing photographs about the whiteout prohibition movement that i’d never heard of?

    1. hahah I bet you were surprised to find out about the great whiteout prohibition!! I discovered those photos in my great grandfathers hope chest. I decided to share them with the world. Thanks for reading it! I love playing around with photoshop if there is any cool things i can do for you, let me know…like change the color of your hair!!!

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