Statue of Liberty Makeover!!!

Song of the Day: Rogue Wave by Lake Michigan

The air was cooler last night than the one before. I slept better but not great. I had the ceiling fan on low. After five minutes it started making the slightest ticking noise each time it went around. I told myself, Ignore the sounds, just go to sleep. But alas, I could not. I slept without a fan. I also slept with long sleeves, long pants, and socks because of my disease- VPASD [Very Particular about Sleeping Disorder]. It is was self-diagnosed a couple of years ago.

The room was dark when I took this picture and I was legit afraid that I would see a ghost or something. YIKES!!!

I drove with my parents to the ferry this morning. My father had jury duty. I personally have never been called in this lifetime.

I wanted to get the 9am ferry but ended up getting the 8:30am boat. I stood on the outside deck the whole ride. It was a great feeling to breathe in the air and not be crammed on the Express Bus. I was especially to see what the Statue of Liberty looked like after reading an article in US Weekly.

I pretended I was a tourist and took some pictures.

Lookin’ good gurlll.

Everyone on the boat clapped for Lady Liberty, as I like to call her, as we passed. I swear I saw a smile on her face. Then again, my eyes may be going considering I look at a computer screen for 8+ hours a day. I hear a good strategy to keeping your eyes healthy is to look at and focus on an object in the distance. Then again, my hearing may be going considering I blast ipod music for hours a day. I thought about lowering the volume but then again my mind is…ok that joke is over.

I suggest you take a ferry ride if you haven’t. It is free and you can get pretty nice pictures.

I arrived to Times Square at 9:22am [mad early]. I went to Starbucks under the Marriott Hotel. I ordered my usual. This is the last day I will order it. I did not even really want it. I am sick of the drink. Something suspicious occurred after I picked up my very specific order. As I was walking out, I noticed they had markered the cup with the wrong name. It sounded like such a familiar name, but I couldn’t quite place it. It wasn’t until I got into the office that I realized.

The Albert Einstein had been in the Times Square this very morning and I got his order of chai tea. I never thought I’d see this day coming. [I hope the italics portray how shocked I was]. I had heard rumors here and there, what I thought were mere whispers on the street. “Albert Einstein lives” or “Someone faked the death of Albert Einstein” or “Albert Einstein’s heart is still beating!!”. Now, I believe it. He is roaming around NYC at the age of one hundred and thirty one years old. Bless his heart. I assume he has a fake heart at this point. Probably one ripped from a baboon. If I encounter Albert I will ask him to ride the ferry with me. He might have a heart attack when he views the Statue’s beauty. That’s a risk I’m willing to take. Goodbye.

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