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I have something I have to admit to you, my blog reader, so watch out. I have been putting subliminal messages in all of my blogs, influencing you in ways you will never know, unless you are reading this blog entry then you might know some of the ways. Subliminal messaging does not always come in the form of a video. Ben Stiller’s character of Derek Zoolander was brainwashed through subliminal messaging to kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia in the movie Zoolander. As Britney Spears would say, “There are two kinds of people in the world…the ones who like Zoolander, and the ones that observe don’t like Zoolander”.

Here are some of the subliminal messages that have been included in my blog. See below:

You are hungry. You need sleep. You want to fit in in the work place. It’s annoying to wait in line. Milkshakes are tasty.

This video below is from two summers ago. I was at my college helping to film an orientation video. We were coming up with places where a lavaliere microphone was hidden on a person. Usually these type of mics are clipped to a shirt collar. I accidentally said it was put in your pelvic cavity. Here is the reaction. It makes me laugh every time I watch it. [and I watch it 400 times a day]


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  1. That is funny. The title of your post is accurate.

    Who laughs at this:
    “They own what you own.”

    Dedonde Inc.?


    We Will Learn To See The Michrotron.

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