Thanksgiving Break 2010

Hello Blog Reader. How are you? More importantly, who are you?

Here are some pictures/updates from my Thanksgiving Break:

Hanging out with 88 year old, Aunt Annie. Aunt Annie is my mother’s, father’s, sister…aka, my great Aunt. She sure is great with all the food she cooked for us to eat that could have fed about 40 people. There were only 7 of us eating.

She made lasagna, chicken parmesan, eggplant parmesan, meat balls, sausage and a salad. Alas, she outdid herself A-Gain.

That day, we also met my mother’s first cousins Barbara and Rosanne. Barbara and her husband Claude live in France for the past few decades. It was interesting to meet people who are related to you, that you have never met before. There is an instant connection between us. It’s like a mother elephant losing her son in the wild and finding him 30 years later, and just instantly bonding with it and knowing it is hers. Here is a picture of us all [except my mother, who was taking the picture]:

This picture looks like we are a family on the television show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”

My room was made over to look like a hair salon. Yippie!

My cousin Chrissy was visiting from Colorado for the week and we took her on a hike throughout the Greenbelt.

This picture looks like we are partners on “The Amazing Race”.

There were so many leaves on the ground that “swished” when we walked that I could barely hear her talking next to me. There weren’t many leaves left on the trees.

Then from the distance we saw a shady woman. The woman waved to us.

We tried to run away but the man and woman kidnapped Chrissy and I. It was really scary. We had to cross a highway and tried to wave for help.

Our captivators invited us to Thanksgiving dinner and since we had no plans, we said yes.

With this family, we also put up Christmas decorations.

I was given one job– to hold the colorful lights and make sure they didn’t break. I dropped part of the strand on the grass to give my mother…I mean, the “captor” more leeway. A yellow light landed right on a concrete brick and it broke. Everyone looked at me as if I were a baby elephant who dropped the christmas lights in the Amazon’s Christmas lighting ceremony. [Imagine if I always made metaphors using elephants].

We made boxes with some others who were captured.

The dog watched us from afar, while singing to us in the voice of The Rascal Flatts.

What a nice start to the holiday season. Going back to work on Monday [yesterday] I discovered christmas trees in the lobby.

I like how Christmas lights bring me a nostalgic feeling. However, I don’t know if I’m ready for it. I still feel like it is only October and the leaves have just started to change. This January, I will be working a year.


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