Celebrities are bartenders too.

I just purchased a new yoga mat.

I also just purchased a ticket to the Keane/Ingrid Michaelson/Fran Healy concert for a weekend in August.

Don’t feel left out Emily. You can come too.

I’ve met a few different celebrities in my life including:

Chris Rock in an NYC parking lot. He was waiting for his little sports car. His diamond earring sparkled in my eye.

Ashley Olsen at a Knick’s game. My friend Noel and I stalked saw her from afar then noticed she walked into the concessions during half time. We followed her went to get food and waited in the hallway. The plan was to get a picture of her if she walked by. She came around the corner and I said, “Noel, take the picture.” Noel said, “No, you take the picture”. Ashley had walked by without us getting the picture. The biggest regret of my life. Now that I think of it, it could have been Mary Kate.

Tim Nordwind [The bassist from OKGO] at Toadt’s Place in CT. Maryellen, Kim and I saw them perform in a Great [with a capitol g] concert. The crowd dwindled down and emptied out. Maryellen worked her magic to get us to hang out and meet the band. I saw Tim sitting down by himself staring aimlessly into the open air. I thought, “I really want to go talk to him.” I walked toward him, thinking of something profound to say. He looked into my eyes. “You did a great job”, I told him. “Thanks”, he said. I had nothing else to say. I walked away after curtseying.

Victor Williams [Deacon from “King of Queens”] Saw him in the audience a Shakespeare in the Park play. I could not stop staring at him. My mom made me take a picture of her standing next to him [without him knowing].

Jessica Simpson at MTV headquarters. She spoke to us about her new show she was promoting. She looked tiny [size wise].

The small guy from Green Day speed-walking in the hallway at work.

Matthew Broderick was the main character in a play I saw this year. Then was riding the Express bus one morning, looked out the window for a split second, and made eye contact with him as he was sitting in the window of a cafe eating breakfast. He winked then signed to me, “Thank you for seeing me in the play”.

Queen Elizabeth II at an Irish pub in the city. The waitress brought me tea and crumpets when I ordered shots of Tequila and mini buffalo wings. I looked up demanding to know what was going on when I reazlied QE2 [as she likes to be called] was my waitress. She told me it releases her stresses then let me wear her tiara.

She made me give it back to her after she realized it made her hair look flat. Shout Crissy, Janine, and QE2.

The Queen told me she had a one way ticket to England for the morning after and was never to return to “The States”. I gave her an OKGO cd, curtsied, then speed-walked away.

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