Eclipse of the Truth…the Saga continues.

I saw the Eclipse movie aka the Twilight Saga: Eclipse last evening. The term “saga” is weird, I find myself saying.

The best part of the movie was the reactions of the crowd at different parts of the film. When Taylor Lautner’s muscled man-body made it’s first appearance [around 20 minutes into the film [not sure though because I have little to no estimation skills]] girls and women alike started cheering and clapping. My friend Kristen started barking…which is weird on more than three levels. I, of course, participated and initiated the reactions such as a “wooooo whoooooo” when Edward told Bella he loved her, when Jacob had to carry Bella in the woods [yeah boy], and when Charlie [Bella’s dad] was asleep on the couch sporting his mustache.

I have been listening to the movie’s soundtrack for a few weeks now, in preparation, and was disappointed to find two or three key songs were NOT included in the movie. Two of three other songs were only played in small clips or “curtailed”, if you will, to fit the scene.


Kristen Stewart wore a wig for this film after cutting her hair short for The Runaways(2010). [quoted from the trivia section of International movie database or IMDB as an abbreviation]

I just could not stop thinking about that, or looking at her hairline, or wondering how the wig was effected by humidity. The WHOLE MOVIE. I also couldn’t believe Taylor Lautner is NOT AN ACTUAL WEREWOLF– talk about false advertising. I’m suing.

I looked at recent pictures last night and came across this one.

I know I haven’t been to the beach in a few months, but do I look pale to you? It says I have green eyes on my license but I think they look more hazel. What’s happening to me?

I remember something that happened to me the other day. I went to pick up pictures in the digital photo lab in my work building and within the 7 minutes I was there, I lost my ID card. I searched for three minutes with the lab assistant with no success. I ventured back downstairs, taking the stairs. I tried to re-enter onto my floor, realizing I did not have access. There were no phones. I would have to knock. After some times, I began to get hungry. I knew starvation was close. I tried to remember the last words I said to my co-workers. I was knocking on the door for what seemed like hours…days…years. I was almost completely dehydrated by the time a man opened the door with a smile. It took all the energy I had to fling myself over the entryway onto the floor. I made it back to my desk, realizing only three minutes had passed since I was stuck in the vestibule.

As I returned to my desk, I noticed there were vampire bite mark scars on my wrist. I must have blacked out in the stairwell. I took a picture of myself using photobooth.

I became really, really thirsty. I stood up and looked at my co-worker, Lenny. She made eye contact with me, asked if I was wearing contacts- then went, “wooooo whooooo”. I walked toward her with a burn in my throat, searching for something to drink. I asked her for a Poland Spring water bottle………………………………………. Then I turned her into a vampire.

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