7 Discovered Drafts.

I discovered 7 unfinished blog entries in my “draft box”. I am trying to make an effort to finish what I start. I realize my mind is constantly running in different directions, distracted especially by various technologies. My brain is being conditioned to desire easy and immediate satisfaction. I watch a lot of videos online and realize I need to focus my mind, take time, and finish what I start. This includes projects I work on, conversations I start, and articles I read. I recently started a conversation with a co-worker asking them how they felt about American Politics, then about-faced and walked down the hall when she began to speak, just because I wanted french fries. [remember in school when your teacher told you to “about-face”]

I have read over 15 books, commuting, since entering the work force but on a minute-to-minute basis, I skim through articles and find it hard to focus on reading. I hope you don’t have that problem because you might not finish this blog entry.

Before I continue, let me introduce you to my new videocamera. I got it from Best Buy this weekend as a replacement to my previous one, which mysteriously broke [emily???], but was covered by insurance.

The video records to internal memory and not a mini-dv tape like my former camera. I was slightly disappointed about this, but think having to log the clips onto my computer will help me organize the footage in a more orderly fashion.

Here are the 7 Draft I discovered.


People try to sell you things under pretenses that aren’t always accurate. For example, my family purchased a new car under the impression it received 21.3 miles per gallon. This is the car and myself this past summer.

This picture was used in the “Honda 2009” calendar after I won the “name that tune” contest this past summer. The car usually gets anywhere between 14.1-16 mpg…it got up to 20 mpg like once. I want to sue Honda for ALL THEY’RE WORTH! Generally I’m satisfied with my car but it does not get 20.1 mpg. The next thing that was advertised incorrectly was the Netflix account I set up for movies directly to our television. I was under the pretense that I could order any movie/tv show to the television- but it turns out there are only a select few that you can order directly. These include weird movies that I never heard of or TV shows from the 1970s. I don’t mind a television show from the 1970s, but it’s just not exactly what I wanted to watch. We have to have most of the desired dvds delivered to our house. Oh well.


Every [work] day, I wait until 1PM to eat my lunch. Of course, this is not by choice, but rather what I signed in my contract. Just kidding. I wait until 1PM to eat lunch because it spreads out the day a bit longer.


Waking up to nice weather is invigorating. It makes me want to roll out of bed, walk out the door, and run around the block in my pajamas. The nice weather is going to be conducive to me getting in shape this spring- preferably the shape of a slender lady. My “getting in shape” process usually begins in late spring/early summer.


A man sneezed on the bus this morning and I thought it was a dog barking. It startled me because it happened as I was dozing off to sleep.


Too many Rebecca’s?


It is Tuesday. My dry whiteout ran out today, forcing me to use the liquid kind where you actually have to wait a minute to let it dry. I do not have time for that.


Hello Blog Readers. My blog has reached over 2,000 views. I am not sure if this is good or bad over a couple month period, but thank you for reading. I appreciate it.

Today my office mates, Lenny and Patrick, [names were changed for privacy purposes] played the “Middle Name Game” where we guessed each other’s middle name.

These drafts are all so profound. End Scene.

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