2010 World Cup = ETERNAL LIFE

My co-workers and I are watching Italy vs. Paraguay competing against one another for the 2010 World Cup title. I hear if you drink out of the world cup, you will have eternal life. That’s why it’s so competitive.

This is Lenny. She is so excited to watch the 2010 World Cup. We are watching the game on a television that is no bigger than her little head.

I landed at Newark airport this morning from the 7:55am flight heading in from South Africa. I saw the U.S. play England this weekend. I met tons of great people and made it on the jumbo-tron. I also participated in the half-time’s musical chairs.

Lenny excitation continued after the game was over. She started high-fiving everyone, running around, and doing acrobatic flips. I went up to her, shook her, and said, “Get a hold of yourself!”. Then I said, “Where did you learn to do such amazing flips.” She sprinted away from me into the graphics room. I went to check on her an hour later and found this.

She was still going wild. She and Geo were screaming!!! about how amazing Oprah was and how amazing The 2010 World Cup was and how amazing I was as a person, friend, and co-worker. I let her continue on about me for three minutes. I then injected her with a small dose of sedative, threw her over my shoulder, and placed her in her chair with sunglasses. Goodnight.

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