Reasons I still love living at home…

The reason I still love living at home.

1. My mom calls to tell me she’s going food shopping and asks if I want anything.
2. Halloween candy is miraculously provided, along with my favorite “Rainbow” Chips Deluxe cookies
3. Flannel sheets miraculously get put on my bed as the weather’s temperature drops
4. Utilities/food/rent are miraculously paid for. I can save up money.
5. The house gets decorated nicely for various holiday’s and I get to enjoy the nostalgic feelings that are brought
6. I almost always have someone to hang out with [my sister, mother, father, dog]
7. I have fun rallying the family to go on late night walks to the boardwalk

8. Can give my mom my sweater when she gets cold…because I’m just. that. nice. [I couldn’t do that if I weren’t living at home]

9. Home made dinner 5 our of 7 days of the week.
10. Can bring leftovers to work for lunch.
11. Can come home after standing outside on the ferry and be told my hair looks nice, even when it looks like this:

I will live at home forever and ever and ever. Or at least until I learn how to make cereal…and ice.

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