MONDAY, 2/9/15

Yesterday, I woke up and went outside.

I walked across the icy street

to my car.

I touched the car’s window.

Pure ice.


My ice scraper was not in my car. Someone took it out.

I walked back inside the house.

I could not find an ice scraper. I was forced to scrape my car using the plastic top of a butter plate.

butter ice scraper

With extra physical effort, the butter top scraper worked. It removed ice from my car.

It was really loud.

I worried I would wake my sleeping 98-year-old neighbor, Nana Q. I was directly below her window.butterscraper

I drove to CVS.

I bought an ice scraper for three dollars.

I took my receipt.


I walked to my car in the parking lot.

I scraped my car for ten minutes.




Removing the ice felt good. A satisfying and relaxing feeling.

I scraped ice from the side of the car. But stopped myself because I didn’t want to scratch the car’s black paint.

I drove to Dunkin Donuts.

baskinreserved parking

I ordered a medium iced coffee with almond milk.

The Dunkin Donuts employee handed me my drink as she pointed to the counter with her left pointer finger.


I hugged the iced coffee with the right side of my face.

I love iced coffee.


I drove to Fort Wadsworth.

A fort on Staten Island with great views of the Verrazzano bridge.


I drove under the bridge.


I drove home.

I salted my house’s front sidewalk.


I rode on the bus into Manhattan.

I arrived to work.

Made great memories with my co-worker and friend, Helen.

She took a photo of me drinking Smart Water. I took a photo of her writing on a piece of paper.

It was hilarious.


Work ended.

Exiting the building, I dropped my ID card in the revolving door.

Please use the yellow arrow in the photo below for reference on ID card location.

7 people walked through the revolving door without seeing my card. I stood, outside the doors, waiting for the right moment to get the card. As if I was waiting to jump into a moving jumprope.


My security guard friend, who I smile at every morning, stopped the doors and picked up the card for me.

He trapped me inside the doors for 5 seconds, but that’s ok.


I thanked him.

I took the subway to my improv theater.

Had a 7pm improv show with my team, Jean Pool.

Then had improv practice from 8:30-10:30.

Here is my team.

improv team

I walked to CVS.

I bought hummus and crackers. I was hungry.

I took my receipt.


I rode the bus home eating snacks.

Worried that I was chewing too loudly and the people around me were going to get annoyed.

You’re not supposed to eat on the bus.


A great day.

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