Photoshopped Fall Photo

I spent some time outside one weekend this past Fall.

My mom was raking the leaves in the backyard. I went out and picked up the old basketball. I was surprised it still bounced after it weathered many storms and dark, cold nights.

I missed the first shot I took. But I also made some shots, like the one in the picture below.

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0 thoughts on “Photoshopped Fall Photo

  1. I’m a big believer in photoshop. I often use it to fool my friends into thinking there are 7 of me. Once In highschool I tried to use it to fool my teachers I was studying. They quickly uncovered my ruse when they realised that there was a laptop where I should have been sitting…

    1. I love photoshop too. I can spend hours on it. I also love making people think there are many of me. I like swapping people’s faces too. I would rather photoshop than study.

        1. Oh cool. I like your banner a lot. I definitely like photo-editing better. I do that more often than design. Your banner looks very nice and professional.

          1. Why thank you! I haven’t been around the wordpress-osphere very long, so I’m still working out exactly how I like everything. But I think the banner is here to stay. It’s the first step…right before ‘???’ and ‘profit’.

            I think you should hook a brother up and follow me. It comes with benefits (like awesome funny and wise and insightful revelations about toast. Healthcare and dental plan not included).

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